Blazing Cat fur: An important addition to the Mosqueteria story

Check this post out at Blazing. As usual, the MSM appears to be failing us when it is a story we actually need to know. When Muslims and the establishment conspire to profoundly violate our core principles, that is when you can count on them to bury it at least 6 feet deep.

One question though. I wonder how they proposed to find out which women/girls were on their menses? I know Muslims don’t like dogs.


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  1. OT

    David Cameron appeals to Taliban to cease fighting in Afghanistan

    Cameron should see Harry Potter, and ask him to wave his magic wand, and make the Taleban good little democrats.

    We are led by a man whose foreign policy is based the advice of Geldof and Live Aid. Now we realsie it is based on wishful thinking as well.

    The PM and his deputy are children. They should not be in cahrge of anything except as school monitors.

  2. Richard:

    Funny you should mention that. I was recently speaking with one of my flesh friends how the world as it is would make crappy fiction as it simply doesn’t pass the plausibility test. The most fanciful thrillers in many ways are far more believable than what goes on day to day in Western nations now due to Islam and the irrational left, fighting for totalitarianism and a rapid end to individual liberties and any govt. that supports them. If there are any left now.

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