Full war in Malmo Sweden

The Religion of peace. Is it funny yet?

For more visit this Swedish site. Snaphanen.dk should have more in English soon.

Here is more from Islam in Europe:

Malmö: Police targeted in new outbreak of riots

New riots broke out in the Rosengård district of Malmo over the past few days.

Nobody was injured in Monday’s disturbances, but Oscar Persson, photographer for newspaper Kvällsposten, reported that there were a lot of explosions and firecrackers, and that several cars were almost hit. It was chaotic and people fled into building entrance and cross-streets.

Calle Persson, spokesperson for the Skane police says that these can no longer be dismissed as juvenile antics, and that adults are behind the attacks. Around fifteen youth gathered for the third night this week in order to confront the police. Police say that attacks – throwing stones, firecrackers and Molotov cocktails, and setting fire to cars – are aimed at the police.

The police showed up with force. A dozen patrols with dogs were called in and managed to deal with the riots. Some of the gang retreated and disappeared into the streets and buildings, but some remained and the police sent the night searching about a dozen of them. Most were men aged 25-30, none were younger than 17.

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7 Replies to “Full war in Malmo Sweden”

  1. 2nd time lucky, wouldn’t let me post the first time

    Here we go !!

    I was told a while back, by a people “in the know”, that it was only a matter of time before all hell broke loose in Denmark or Sweden, followed by England

  2. Shirl you people in the know are confirming what I have been saying, this year is going to the the start of open fighting in Europe. My analysis of this video is that the rioters are trying to provoke the police to shoot and kill someone, they want an unarmed man dead so they can claim murder for religious reasons. These early riots are simply testing the police and setting the tone for the coming escalation of violence, they want to make it look like the police are in the wrong so they can claim victim status. So far they aren’t going to the tactics of the left at the 1964 Democrat convention when the rioters were carrying baggies full of urine and feces to throw at the police. the resulting “police riot” gave the leftist MSM an excuse to condemn the police and whitewash the rioters. Look for something similar to happen in Sweden but probably not before warmer weather, a cold winter in Europe is not really the time you want to be starting a war.

  3. That sounds about right, Richard…preferably a sweet-faced twelve-year-old. Then, every Muslim on the face of the earth will say that the poor little tot was murdered for no reason other than white racism and Islamaphobia. I hope we’re all getting the idea of how they fight by now. They sure do count on the kindness of the Infidel a lot, don’t they? It’s as if they are just begging you to annihilate them, just daring you.

  4. Yeah Chris they are depending on our kindness, and they are begging us to attack them, they think that once we do the majority of people in the world will condemn us and we will stop. The problem with that strategy is that they may just push some nation far enough that they will attack, and then not stop when the reaction sets in, in fact if enough violence has occurred before the Europeans attack the reaction may be to join in on wiping out the Moslems.

  5. @Richard

    Europeans are the ones always morally condemning the rest of the world; we are the masters at moral outrage, clearly if Europeans start deporting or attacking it’s Muslims population, the majority of Europeans will feel very smug and morally superior about that, the same way they used to feel about giving money to Africa or sending missionaries to the far east. They will rationalise it in a way no non-european ethnic group can understand, that is our strenght; the majority of Europeans will be convinced that by attacking Islam we will be actually helping the world and the Muslims. Wait and see.

  6. One word: deportation.

    Thats all it takes for the Europeans to stop the violence and the fear.

    But that would undermine the liberal agenda: to make all religions accepted and equal under the law.

    Yet Islam is not a religion and it never has been. It is a total control system with thoroughly political aims. Islam’s leaders want world conquest plain and simple.

    Nothing could be less religious or spiritual than that.

    And they have at their disposal hundreds of millions of brainwashed followers who can’t leave the death cult for fear of death.

    So what do we do?

    Let more of them into the free world, thats what.

    Would the Allies have let millions of Axis supporters into their countries during WWII? I don’t think so.

    We are at war with a sizable percentage of the world’s population that thinks nothing of conquering the rest of the world in the name of an idiot god with a madman for its only prophet.

    Now is the time for the rest of the world to take the jihad and crush it.

    One way to do that it is to deport every Muslim from the west and Europe.

    Make it a one-way ticket back to the lands where sharia law rules.

  7. Ahcim you are probably right, a fact of history that is no longer taught is that for the most part the North America, Australia and New Zealand being the exceptions the vast majority of the colonial empires were founded by liberals trying to help the natives. The various commercial interests didn’t want to go to the expense and bother or setting up governments and then having to maintain military forces at their expense and even if the national government sent in the national army the commercial interests paid for it through higher taxes. Thus when the Europeans start fighting back at some point the European dogooders will start rationalizing the actions as being in the best interest of the Moslems. FYI, the original meaning of dogooder was people who tried to do good and improve things but always ended up making them worse.

    RRWest you are right and in answer to your question no Axises supporters wouldn’t have been let in the West during WWII, but remember that after Hitler ordered the invasion of the USSR the left supported WWII and even supported the internment of enemy aliens by the US and Britain. Yes this did include Germans and Italians as well as Japanese, the darling of the left FDR ordered this probably because during WWI Germans in the US set fire to wheat and corn fields and contaminated bandages being sent to the troops. More facts of history that are no longer taught.

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