Unspecified threat closes down showing of ‘Iranium’ at Ottawa’s National Archives Theater.

I will try and give the best account I can but this story is still developing.

Fred Litwin, founder and director of The Free Thinking Film Society which has done more to raise awareness of the dangers of Islam and leftism in the west than probably any other public body in Ottawa, had scheduled the movie, ‘Iranium’ tonight to be shown at the National Archives Theatre.

Yesterday, there was a call in the mid afternoon, about 28 hours before the film was to be shown, from the National Archives saying that they had received a complaint and that the film could not be shown and was going to be shut down. We subsequently learned that this complaint was from the Embassy of Iran.

After some phone calls, Fred managed to get the film back on track. Today, I had the privilege of interviewing Clare Lopez, the scheduled speaker for this event as well as David B Harris of INSIGNIS and then went home to prepare for the film just to get a call that there was protest outside the Archives, remember this building is a Canadian Government institution, not just a private theatre, and that not only was the event cancelled, but the entire building was shut down. Employees sent home, and the building locked up.

By the time I left the building there were 3 police cars, 2 fire trucks and an ambulance.

There is much much more. I will post as able. Its a frantic evening. This is serious. Canada’s sovereignty, such as it is, becomes more visibly in question. The threat that caused all this is not clear but I was reliably informed, that there were many serious and high level meetings about whatever caused them to decide to shut down the building and cancel the event and that these meetings went on all afternoon. Draw your own conclusions for now.


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7 Replies to “Unspecified threat closes down showing of ‘Iranium’ at Ottawa’s National Archives Theater.”

  1. Perhaps, if the threat is proven by our security services to have emanated from the Embassy of Iran, it should itself be shut down. One might think there are more than enough Canadian-Iranians who deplore the current government of Iran to mount a counter-demonstration should one have occurred. But for Library and Archives Canada to shut down a government building and put up a sign declaring that events beyond the government agency’s control forced it to shut down the building is monumentally absurd.

  2. Some friends & I were going to take my brother to supper and to see Iranium but heard was cancelled. On the 10 PM news, CBC reported there were 2 envelopes found (not sure if called in) – Hazmat came & determined was nothing.

  3. I find it incredible that Tamil Tigers can protest and close off Ottawa streets for how many days, and the RCMP do nothing, but, because of a couple of envelopes, they cancel the movie BEFORE 5 PM – the movie wasn’t even to start until 7 PM.
    Something smells especially considering James Moore Conservative MP had to intervene to prevent the movie from being shut down YESTERDAY because of concern of violent protesters.

  4. The excuse they will use, and it may be the truth is that there was a good suspicion of even a threat that a bio weapon had been placed in the theater. I don’t know if such a threat was made but it is plausible that one was made. It is equally plausible that some appeaser ordered the theater shut down before the showing and an excuse thought up. If it is the latter unless the Canadian government is better at keeping secrets then the US government the truth will come out in a couple of days.

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