National library theater attempts to cancel movie because of ONE complaint…

And that complaint was from The Embassy of Iran.

Congratulations to Fred Litwin of the Free Thining Film Society for having the raw moral courage to fight this thing and win it. Can’t wait to see the film and hear Clare Lopez speak at this event tonight. I will post more on exactly what happened as I get the opportunity. In point form, this movie nearly didnt happen. Just 36 hours before the event, the National Archives Theatre called Fred and told him the movie was cancelled because of ‘some complaints’. It turned out to be one, and that one was from the Embassy of Iran.

You know you are doing something right when you manage to be worth a phone call of interference from those fascist Nazi bastards. (For the record I mean Iran, not the NAT who merely cave easily.)

January 18, 2011
Library and Archives Canada
7:00 PM

Since the inception of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Iran has displayed an absolute hatred for the West. Coupled with an extremist ideology, this regime has terrorized the world at large for over 30 years. This 70-minute film will explore the principles of the revolution, and visually demonstrate the hatred and violence exhibited by Iran’s brutal leadership. The film will document the regime’s abusive treatment of their once proud citizenry, and will chronicle the regime’s use of terror proxies abroad to inflict deadly messages on their self-described enemies. Please join us for this film, and a speaker..and reception to follow at about 9:00 PM

Admission: $15 (includes HST), $8.00 for students
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All rights reserved.

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  1. Once you start obeying orders it is hard to stop, habit forces you to do things up until you start feeling guilty about your actions.

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