The attack on the Coptic church in Alexandria last night:

Here are two important clips. One, from Al Jazeera English, which tends to be far more charitable to the truth than its Arabic sister station, and a CTV clip which has a short segment of Egypt’s reaction to the attack.

Below that, the documentary I recommend in the clip. For anyone who has not seen the Dispatches documentary on Egypt’s rubbish people, now is a good time to watch it. It gives stark perspective on the relative rights of Christians in Egypt Vs. Muslims. I doubt many people in the Western world can believe a group can still be treated this way, although with growing awareness of Islam and it’s ‘values’ perhaps that number is shrinking.

“Die Müllmenschen aus Ägypten” Deutsche Untertiteln (Egypt´s Rubbish People) from eric hanson on Vimeo.

Below, is a video of Egyptian police attacking the relatives and friends of the Coptic VICTIMS of the church bombing last night

H/T Ethan for this third video

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11 Replies to “The attack on the Coptic church in Alexandria last night:”

  1. We can hope the number of people who know about this situation is growing, what is worrying is the fact that many of the high ranking leftists think all Christians should be rounded up and shot so they are probably ignoring the actions of the Moslems.

    The bomb may have been set by al Qaeda but the Moslem Brotherhood is real strong in Egypt (al Qaeda is an off shoot) and it may have been one of its main groups in Egypt may have done the bombing. Or for that matter it may have been Egyptian intelligence.

  2. Apparently you are missing an eye or two in your head. The angry mob is throwing stones at the police force and the force is just throwing back, dot.

  3. Balermo, So? That doesn’t mean anything besides the fact that the to sides are fighting, in Egypt the Moslem Brotherhood has many followers, a lot of them are in the police, military and intelligence as well as in other branches of the government. It is highly unlikely that the bombing could have been planned and carried out by any government agency without the approval of the Moslem Brotherhood.

  4. You must be kidding me. The Muslim brotherhood condemned the attack and it is not their style to do terrorist bombings. Besides, it is a bad joke to say they are recruited in the police, present in government and stuff. Gal, the Egyptian security and police track, arrest, fear and HATE them.

    Muslims would not do that to the Christians of Egypt never. Why didn’t they wipe off the Christians 14 centuries ago? 14 centuries is the time of Islamic presence in Egypt. The last terrorist attacks in Sharm El Shaykh were carried out in the same manner and the investigations showed the bombers were from Israel ’cause the cars which they left behind were from Israel. Know what the current chief of Mosad said when he came to office? He said that stirring sectarian violence in Egypt is his top priority. It is a big intricate story…You know nothing!

  5. Balermo wake up and smell the roses, the Moslem Brotherhood is spread all over the Egyptian government, they want to turn Egypt into a full Islamist state with no law other then Sharia. As for the Moslems not attacking Christians they do it all the time, a few months ago the Egyptian military surrounded a Coptic Church and opened fire. The Christians are starting to lobby for full rights and the Moslems will not tolerate this, this is the same attitude that is behind the attacks on the Christians in Iraq, Indonesia and the Philippines. They are attacking threatening the Copts in Europe and Canada, and are attacking the Jews all around the world, and they are attacking the Hindu’s. Notice the pattern, if you aren’t Moslem you are a target and are under a death sentence if you insist on remaining non Moslems and don’t pay a poll tax.

  6. Richard, just step aside. Are from Mars? We are talking about events which actually took place on planet earth. The Muslim brotherhood are not spread in the government as you propagate. It’s hilarious for a country to ban and harass an organization then employ ministers and politicians from its members. The Egyptian brotherhood is the first and foremost enemy of the Egyptian government recently. So, Mr. Tool, you’re failed.

    The other awful fib only proves you are in a serious trance. The police did not do what you claimed they did. This is a big issue. The governorate suspended work in a new building affiliated to the church. After that, the Christians demonstrated in the most vital streets, burned citizens’ cars and stopped the traffic completely. Security came to disperse the protesters. 16 security officers and 6 Christian rioters were wounded, which gives a sufficient idea about the immensity of their riots…they hurt the police and are famous for doing so (watch your own video and see). The fundamental impact this event left on all Egyptians was that the police is not well respected and unable to protect itself. Look how you and the Copts are twisting facts? This only shows a tiny segment of the lies, trouble and chaos Christians cause in Egypt and outside. The most nasty problems they cause is the lies they spread abroad about them being persecuted and stuff. You yourself are a liar and must know how false propaganda is made and how things go.

  7. I thought I was talking to a troll, thank you for confirming the fact. Yes the Egyptian government did surround the building and open fire before any rioting was done, and the rioting was by Moslems no Christians.

    As for the idea that a suppressed group not being able to infiltrate the government take a good hard look and the way the communist infiltrated the Nazi government, there is a good book on this titled Rote Kapel, translation Red Orchestra. Then look at the released KGB files, they had soviet agents in all of the US intelligence agencies, including those tasked with finding the moles, and at agents in all levels of the US Government. You might want to take you propaganda to another blog where people will believe them, we know better here.

  8. I can see you know much much better. Since you are completely satisfied and convinced with what you have, I will try to help no more. Suit yourself. Ciao.

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