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16 Replies to “The facts on the ground for Jews in Holland today”

  1. The handwriting is on the wall and it is time for the Jews to get out of Europe before the Moslems start killing them, I am saying this because once the civil wars start the Jews are going to be a major target for the Moslems and the left.

    Her urging her kids and grandkids to move to Israel is good advice, they are ready to fight and as one of the leaked cables aren’t afraid of letting people know that if Israel is destroyed she is going to take her enemies with her.

  2. I am sorry my memory played me wrong, it was a Jewish man posting on a different blog (Atlas Shrugs a few days to weeks ago, I don’t remember which post it was on) who said that Israel was ready to use the Sampson option if they were being destroyed. Although one of the Wikileaks memos did have a US diplomat saying that this time the Jews were going down fighting, I don’t remember just when but I do remember reading it.

    I am sorry I can’t find the article on Israel going down fighting this time, it stuck in my mind because it was just after the post about Israel being ready to use the Sampson option. I need to file things better, and I can’t find it using Google.

  3. Richard, we always say we will go down fighting.

    Never again will we be led like lambs to the slaughter into the gas chambers.


    What a sad situation when you analyse it.

    Holland… the country to which many thousands of Jews fled to escape the Spanish Inquisition, is now not protecting them.

    The Dutch Jews had a full and vibrant life, financially, culturally and academically.
    To name a few Baruch Spinoza, philosopher. Artist Jozef Israëls & his son Isaac Israëls. Sculptor Joseph Mendes da Costa. Leo Fuld, a beautiful singer of Yiddish songs…….and not to forget Anne Frank

  4. It is quite acceptable if this post is removed as i have never made one like it before and do not know if it is acceptable. It is not calling for violence but it is calling very seriously for specific action but has not been endorsed by mr teppes. I do not know the etiquite.

    I have posted a link of this video to my dedicated facebook group: With the following comment that I want to make here as well as my group started yesterday and has few members.

    I was at 9/11. I avoided certain trauma and possible death 3 times.
    The last because the camera I had had for 15 years behaved in a way it had never behaved before or since. Had it been definatly working or definatly not I would have been buried under the first tower to fall. I spent the next several weeks in an empty chinatown. The air forced me to go out with a scarf over my face. Later I had to put down a cat I had resuced one winter night because the air from the attacks caused a resurgence of her kidney problem. She was crawling around on her front paws in her own voided bowels becuase her kidney gave out and she had a heart attack. She did not know what was happening but was pleading for me to make it all better. She didn’t even know Isreal existed.

    So when I saw one of Mr. Spencers books I had good reason to be interested. I read it and the few after that and went on with my life.

    It is 9 yrs later and I hear things like “it’s time to move on” and “I think its good people are finally getting some perspective on things and moving beyond it” usually I hear this from people who were 11 yrs old or so at the time, cozy and in another state. These are often people who are handy with a long list of reasons why the GZM should be built. Some of these people respond “yes, what of it?” or “yes because I believe in human rights for all people” when then I then ask them if they were in the MSA in college.

    I am sick of these videos. I am fucking fed up and it is time to do something.

    The ideal solution is simple. Have the police follow this man and arrest and summarily deport any little cunt who assaults him streight back to cumrag-a-stan that very night. And make sure it gets on the news. They don’t seem to care if they goto jail but they will think twice before hitting an old man if they know it will get them tossed off the Euro free money ride. But it won’t happen that way.

    People have been talking about having police act as decoys or such like for a while but I can’t recall if they have started or if they are doing it in holland. If there are any Vlad Teppes viewers in holland perhaps they could figure out how to talk to the police to get them to do something or

    and here is where it gets serious –

    Are there any people from Holland who view this blog? Does anyone know anyone who lives in Holland? Can we contact someone in SOIE?

    ask the police to stage a sting op and to make arrests. If they are too busy not aresting prostitutes and hash smokers then Contact SIOE and PROTEST as fast as possible.

    Then ask again. If the answer is no then-

    Contact the man in the vid and offer to follow him at a distance for a few days in contact via cellphone and descreetly film him. He says it happens every day. But before you actually do it-

    Consult with a private detective who has done this / or even hire them. It may cost money but driving people out of a country is serious as it gets. It is ethnic clensing. And if they get away with it they will get worse. That is how killing a christian here and killing a christian there without getting ANY cummupence was ramped up to the bombings of churches.

    So consult with a private investigator first on how to do this and the legalities involved. Follow his advice on how and when to involve the police to the letter. But talk to him before the police so you will know weather htey are full of shit or not if they tell you not to.

    If they tell you not to and are legally in the right protest again.

    If they say no again then fuckum do their jobs for them. Once you have the footage try to follow the guy or kid home to get his adress. then take a copy to the police and another to a tv station depending on what the private investigator says.

    If the police arest him follow up and do your best to make sure the offender gets the highest possible punishment. If they don’t do it then protest.

    Conversly if the police won’t stage a decoy/sting op you could protest that too and demand it again. And then go the investigator / following rout.

    If he won’t go for it then get a friend to dress up like him and do it that way.

    Contact all news outlets. Set up protests outside the courthouse if legal to do so. Blame (i.e.shame) his parents if he is a minor after all it is their fault. Publicise wich mosque he went to if he did go to one. Get it out there that insulting or hitting an old man for fun will call down severe personal and humiliating consequences.

    If he’s a minor and the family has to move in shame then all the better. Other parents will take more care what their spawn are up to. Like the sign says: Lawful Good doesn’t mean Lawful Nice.

    Sounds like some work perhaps there is a more streamlined way to do it. But it’s better then letting these scum get away with ethnic cleansing on the cheap.

  5. Oh for crying out loud. The amsterdam police are already doing it. I spent so much time composing that last post and became so upset by remembering what happened to my cat 9 years ago and seeing the woman talk ing about an new holocaust I didn’t think streight and didn’t even think to look up if they were doing it. After I cooled down it was the first thing I did. I typed antisemetic sting into google and found an article from june saying the amsterdam police were going to disguiese themselves as jews to clamp down on antisemetic assholes.

    Is this news report produced today? It might be wise to find out if the story is from amsterdam or another city. I swear I hear the news reader say amsterdam around :32 but dont see it in the subtitles

    two very important questions. are they still running the sting operation? and is it working?
    Please take my last message down if you can. if it was youtube I would take it down myself.

    Though it makes a nice blueprint for a plan when they start doing it here.

  6. Thank you Shirl what was interesting is that a US diplomat thought it was important enough to put in a cable, this combined with the posting by an Israeli about Israel being ready for the Sampson option is enough to catch a lot of peoples attention. I always knew that Israel would go down fighting, as Leon Uris said in Exodus the Arabs are now facing the ancient Hebrews, not the modern Jews.

    Going down fighting is the only way to go, if I am attacked I am going to see how much damage I can do before I am stopped. I expect Israel to use everything including their nuclear arsenal to ensure that no bothers the Jews again.

  7. Thanks Richard, It’s sentiments like that that really touch my heart.

    I never understood how, why etc voted Obama in. I had all the info on him from friends in the US and he is a person with no past!! I read and read and came up blank.
    I presume it’s a colour thing, but why? Who in this day and age would vote for a person because of the colour of their skin??

    Now Lt. Col. Allen West , he’s a man !!! Fantastic. I have been watching him for a few years now.

  8. I know what you mean, he has his entire record sealed and no one knows anything about him.

    As for how he won the election, 30% of the people who voted for him said they thought he was unqualified to be President but wanted to be able to brag that they had voted for the first black to make a serious run at the Presidency. About half of those said that if they had though he would win they would not have voted for him.

    I held my nose and voted for McCain who is a liberal and who would have been almost as bad a President as Obama, but he wouldn’t have stabbed our allies in the back, and he wouldn’t have bowed to foreign rules, and he would have defended us and our allies. Pray we manage to last the 2 years until a new President is sworn in, personally I think it will be Sarah Palin, she is a good honest person who wants to insure that the US and Europe remain free.

  9. I have to say that many people outside the US baulk on many occasion at your choice of President.

    I was speaking with someone this evening about Obama. Who thinks he probably isn’t Muslim, but definitely has Muslim leanings. He doesn’t think he is anything but a Communist.

    I am sure he’s Muslim., His father was, his stepfather was and he was educated in Indonesia. Now I know Indonesia, I live in the same part of the world and he would have been well and truly brainwashed at school.

    Anyhow, it’s a done deal and I hope to G-d that he hasn’t done irreversible damage to the US

    I can’t see an issue with McCain……though if you vote Palin in, you will be the laughing stock of the world.

    I have already been taken to task on this on another blog.

    I read all about her, before she was chosen to run alongside McCain. One of my American friends told me about her and said she was good. Which I agree……but she is not worldly and that’s a no-no for a President.

    I am not having a go at you or the US, but as a whole the US is very insular and there is a big wide world out there. I find that Americans in the don’t know the news, history or geography of anywhere other than the US.

    The times I have visited the US I’ve found it hard to get any world news. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that our ‘free-to-air’ news services are all WORLD news and not just Australian

  10. Shirl our best Presidents haven’t been worldly, they have been what she is, intelligent, brave and interested in what is best for America, her reality TV show is on the air simply to show people who and what she is, and counter the attacks by her enemies on both sides of the political debate. People are saying the same things about her that they said about President Reagan when he started running for President. He didn’t go to the right schools, he wasn’t experienced in world affairs, he wasn’t intelligent enough, etc.. Now they are saying the same things about Sarah because they are afraid of her, they know she won’t be forced to pick a moderate for VP like Reagan was, and they know she won’t compromise on her principles like Reagan wouldn’t. They also know that she wants a much smaller government with much larger freedom for the citizens, and this will limit the power of the liberals/progressives. While he was alive the media refused to say anything good about President Reagan but now they are calling him one of our greatest Presidents. These are the same people who called him stupid and celebrated when he died.

    arabconqueredpersian I like Alan West, but he has little to no governing experience, he needs to learn more about civilian politics before he is ready for President. And even then I would be leery of him, about half of the high ranking military officers who were elected President were lousy Presidents, I can think of several other slots in the White House he could fill. Besides I don’t think he is thinking about running.

  11. Don’t get me wrong Richard, I think that Sarah Palin is fantastic. I read all about her and watched interviews etc., before she was chosen to run with McCain. One of my American friends had an idea she was in the running. I just don’t think she foots the bill and when I think of what your media and press did to that poor woman, I am appalled. I don’t think that would happen anywhere else in the world

  12. They are attacking her because they are afraid of her, and will continue to attack anyone the Republicans nominate, Sarah has major support among the Middle Class and the poor. It is only among the chattering class and the self proclaimed elite that she doesn’t get much support, I predict she will run, she will win, she will win by a landslide if not a tidal wave, and she will make a great President. The news media will continue to attack her through out her terms in office and will go crazy trying to discover why people don’t pay attention to them.

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