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5 Replies to “KitmanTV: “Muslim Policeman in Britain does not have to protect a Jew””

  1. This guy would be a great guest on the Imam Michael Harris Show.

    Listening yesterday to the muslim trash calling the Michale Harris show saying that because of Israel Canada lost a seat on the security council, made me very proud of Canada.

    Arab muslims and muslims in genral are relentless in their hatred of non-muslims. But what is shocking is that the british elites are so bent over and have their heads so buried up their arses, they can see China but cannot see the danger their country is in.

  2. Fire the dirtbags, either perform your duties as you have sworn or be terminated, and go on the dole with the rest of the freeloaders and parasite asylum seekers.

  3. YOu think this doesn’t happen here, especially in Toronto, you are mad…….
    Police in this city are trained to ignore situations where islamics have been threatening or intimidating to citizens..
    Look at how they ignore all the protesters who scream, kill the jews, etc and sit idly by and do nothing……..over and over and over, but they sure are able to get it up for protesters at the G20, arresting as usual the innocent while all the criminals run the show..
    A couple of years ago, I was assaulted by an islamic rage boy in the high park subway station, and my arm twisted, chased, called a whore, a bitch, had videos of the fellow doing this, which I took to the police station near Keele, and of course, guess what, nothing was done, the guy was allowed to harrass me for months afterward, and even contacting the corporate owners, nothing was done…………my story is one ……and there are many…anyone who stands up to these creatures, or anyone who supports Israel in Toronto is subject to harrassment,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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