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4 Replies to “Glenn Beck on V mosque. This is good.”

  1. Glenn Beck’s offer to contribute to Raheel Raza of the Canadian Muslim Congress’s takeover to build the 13 story mega-insult at Ground Zero destroys his own argument. I don’t trust Raheel because she still identifies herself as a Muslim. A Muslim believes that Mo was the perfect man to be emulated. Deception was key to Mo’s success. And last but not least, there is no such thing as Moderate Islam – regardless how moderate it’s representatives project themselves to be – Mo’s example to follow can not be moderated to anything acceptable or sane. Mo, the perfect man? To be emulated infinitum?
    Islam is not

  2. From ancient times to this day the ‘enemy within’ can be the most destructive to a nation. First of all ‘we’ put this phony excuse for a DemocRATic regime in office based on false promises and the deceptions of the GWB administrations. Now we are stuck with this soft, and soon becoming hard dictatorship, ruling , not governing by decree ( all of those executive orders, and the appointed agencies that answer ‘only’ to our ‘Dear Leader’ ) taking away basic freedoms and liberty one step at a time. They have the MSM which in reality is the administrations ‘Ministry Of Truth And Propaganda’ on their side. Combine that with the love affair with Islam ,I see an alliance which fosters ‘control’, Both the left and Islam are all about control.

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