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4 Replies to “Berlin’s No Go Zones. From German News”

  1. Given that the English are hopeless,with apologies to EDL and BNP, they are facing the steep fall of pansy, defeatist, modern liberal, ie, inverse-nazi media and govt wlites.

    Europe’s only hope, with apologies to teh Danes and Norwegians, are the Germans. Due to their location in middel europe and their numbers and their history of warfare and ability to tolerate shortages.
    If Germany falls, game over for Europe.

  2. Recently I viewed a video showing the Paris Police breaking up and dragging away a rag tag herd of African illegal aliens who were encamped in the street. I was heartened by the way they went at it in spite of the wailing, shrieking, bawling and other tantrum tricks. Their no nonsense approach gave me some hope for the French. Of course, the video didn’t show it played out.

  3. What’s needed is a zero tolerance no BS policy , however the police must have the backing of the government, and the justice system. This is not the time for butt kissing, pandering , and dialogue . one of the most basic duties of the state is the security and safety of all of it’s citizens, even the ones in the ‘no go ‘ zones who become victims of these’ Youuuths’, which are common criminals and thugs. These street punks just need a good ass kicking, and for serious crimes hard time at hare labor. In reference to the Bronx area of NYC it’s not perfect but the police don’t take any crap from the hoodlum element, due to the fact that NYC has more than 35,000 police officers.

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