Cameron speaks out hard against Israel

Not content to merely demand that Turkey be admitted to the European Union, British Prime Minister Cameron spoke harsh and rather untrue words about the state of Israel today in Turkey..

British Prime Minister in Turkey takes out hard against Israel

by Jeroen Langelaar [translation by VH]

The British Prime Minister David Cameron during his visit to Ankara, the capital of Turkey, lashed out hard at Israel. He for instance compared the situation in the Gaza Strip with that of a “prison camp”. Cameron’s speech however, was full of praise for Turkey and the Turkish-British relations.

He promised to commit himself “passionately” to Turkey’s accession to the EU. Accession is according to the Conservative leader “vital to our economy, vital to our security and vital to our diplomacy.”

Cameron also took the opportunity to bash Israel. The British government leader called the actions of the Israeli Navy against a boat with Gaza activists in late May — in which nine people were killed — “unacceptable” and demanded a further exhaustive investigation into the incident.

He also compared the situation in the Gaza Strip with that of a “prison camp”. “Let me be clear that the situation in Gaza must change,” Cameron said. “Humanitarian goods and people must in both directions be able to cross the border. Gaza can not and should not be a prison camp.” He did not mention Hamas.

Cameron did call though, for both Turkey as well as Israel, not let water down the friendship between the two states, which recently had been marred.

Ron Prosor, the Israeli ambassador to Britain, finds the statements of Cameron inappropriate. “People in Gaza are prisoners of the terrorist organization Hamas,” said Prosor. “The situation there is a direct result of Hamas’ rules and priorities.”

{[note from translator VH: no mentioning by Cameron of Gilad Shalit, who today is 1493 days hostage of Hamas — VH]}

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  1. I’m going to avoid the Christmas rush and start hating Cameron now. How did that gutless, left-wing simpleton get to be the head of the British Conservative Party? This is the same thing that’s happening in the States. Both parties stink and neither one will listen to the voters. What did the Turks do to get such servile obedience out of the British Prime Minister?

  2. The Brits deserve exactly what is coming to them. I look forward to the day that I never hear another British accent and that miserable island will be a memory.

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