G20 Toronto. The usual morons wreck, burn, and ruin things for the poor.

As usual, scores of what is most likely university grads, decided to make the streets of Toronto impossible for the working poor and raise costs on all things from a coffee to bank fees all for the sake of the poor or whatever group they imagine is disenfranchised in Canada at the G-20 now taking place in Toronto Canada. Saturdays highlights are 2 police cars burned and a Starbucks trashed. The latter I believe is vastly more sinister in implication as it typically means the hate and violence of this group is focused on what we saw especially in Europe during Israel’s defencive action in Gaza in 08.

Rumours were circulated that Starbucks is owned by Jews and that a certain percentage of all sales went directly to support the IDF. Now I have no idea if Jews are on the board of Starbucks, there probably are. But its unlikely any shareholders would be OK with profits going to fund a foreign army that already receives 100% of its funding from it’s own government, as do all national armies. If you search Vlad for Starbucks, you will see quite a few videos and articles about the targeting of Starbucks across the world as a focus of both Leftists, (Starbucks is a successful corporation world wide, other than Israel, employing tens of thousands and therefore personifies evil) and Muslim groups for the ‘reasons’ stated above. Top video is amateur video of destruction of Eaton’s Starbucks and the second is one of several police cars that were burned.

Today many predict will be much worse. There was at least one Palestinian flag amongst the protesters that I saw as well. So we likely have the usual crowd of agitators. The left and Islam.

Pictures from The National Post and the BBC web sites.

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  1. What may be one of the biggest bonuses to come from the G20 summit will be world leaders ramping up anti-terrorism legislation to help protect citizens and the poor among them. The anarchists have done us all a favor by showing us exactly how willing they are to be direct contributors to a safer world. They have indeed showed themselves to be the truest of useful idiots and are in fact part of the solution. They wanted change and they’ll no doubt, have it.

  2. Those brave and courageous street hoodlums and useful idiot thugs should try their antics in a dictatorship or a country under Sharia law. After a large number are shot and have their skulls bashed in , and are arrested and tortured quite harshly, they might even agree that Western freedom and culture are not so bad after all. Did any of these dirtbags see the movie ‘Midnight Express’, people can attest to the fact that the conditions depicted are close to accuracy.

  3. @Grace

    On a continent where people are overcivilised and reluctant to engage in violence and warfare or just voice an opinion, every kind of violence and it doesn’t matter if it originates from Muslims, Anarchists or common criminals, will help to wake up the people.

    We must all hope that a Muslim terror organisation kills thousands by bombs or poison gas because it will make people understand and it will prove to the few Muslim doubters what there religion is and what justice demands will, happen to them.

  4. Why not just use common sense?

    Publish the fact that everyone wearing facial covering / masks / balaklavas and the like anywhere near these functions will be tasered, handcuffed & thrown into a holding pen until after the event is over? No questions asked.

    With over a billion spent on security, I’m sure that even the milquetoast Toronto police force could handle this simple task. If not, I know some of our army guys would volunteer for exercise on the weekend for extra pay.

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