Paris: Despite ban, hundreds show for pork and wine party at Arc de Triomphe


Facebook ‘pork party’ protest banned by Paris officials

A ‘Pork and wine party’ organised on Facebook to protest against the ‘Islamisation’ of a neighbourhood has been banned by Paris officials.

A 'pork and wine' party, organised on Facebook, has been banned by  Paris officials A ‘pork and wine’ party, organised on Facebook, has been banned by Paris officials.

The event, organised on the social networking site, was planned for Friday, when the streets would be teeming with Muslims coming out of mosques.

But police cracked down on the pork-based protest and any other copycat gatherings in the Goutte d’Or area of northern Paris’ 18th arrondissement, or district.

Officials stated that the party could cause ‘serious risks to public order’. The party was following a growing trend in France to host open-air drinks parties, organised via Facebook.

The original idea for the Paris gathering came from a woman calling herself Sylvie Francois, who said that she no longer felt at home in the neighbourhood where she had lived all her life.

‘People of French origin can’t have a drink in peace there. If you are a woman you get hostile looks if you’re not wearing an (Islamic) veil,’ she stated.

Her party, who had nearly 7,000 Facebook attendees, urged users to bring a bottle of wine and a sausage.

The party was then picked up by extremist groups, who published it to other Internet sites as a response to the ‘fascist-Islamist offensive in France.’

The street party would have paraded pork and alcohol, forbidden by Islamic law, outside of a mosque on the Rue Myrha.

A ‘halal and mint tea’ party was set up on Facebook in response to the protest.



Hundreds attend Paris sausage, wine fest after ban

PARIS — Several hundred people have attended party serving sausage and wine on a Paris street after the event was banned from a different location.

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  1. Le’s face it weather it’s Western Europe, Canada, or the USA it’s not the country or the culture, nor the political climate we grew up in. Being soft ,Liberal ‘and compassionate , we let a vast number of practitioners of ‘The Religion of Peace’ migrate into our countries. Instead of being grateful for the opportunity to have social , economic, and religious freedom, some of these Radical Islamists want to convert the West INTO THE SAME TYPE OF HELLHOLE THEY CAME FROM. They are even using our laws and freedoms against us, how sickening is that? If these 7th century throwbacks want Sharia law so bad I suggest they go back to the religious concentration camps they came from. A strange place where non Muslims are called Infidels and other vile names, and treated as second class citizens or worse, a barren desert devoid of any personal freedom and liberty. I will gladly hold the door open for them on the way out.

  2. Big Frank’s comment has the most important reasons why, again, by definition, any mahoundian from a mahoundian country applying for asylum in the West is a BOGUS refugee, period. Therefore, applications from such monsters should always be refused.

  3. As I just stated on a previous blog, I am sick of worrying about what offends the Muslims who have invaded western countries. If the western lifestyle is so offensive to them, they should go back where they came from. People from around the world have many different ways to observe the religion of their choice, but do not expect countries that have welcomed them into their society to change their habits and culture to accommodate these personal beliefs. For instance, I also do not choose to consume pork products, but I certainly do not expect America to stop others from eating them. My religion, like yours, offers instruction on how I should live and all others should be free to follow whatever tenets they accept for themselves.

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