Bangladesh, Egypt, and minorities

I have been in a somewhat protracted ‘debate’ with a fellow on youtube, who insists that because he is a British Christian, and has one Muslim friend with whom he gets along quite well, that there is no issue between Islam and Christianity anywhere as his one friendship attests to.

Hopefully he will wander over and have a gander at this:

Thanks to:

Not to mention this very important video on the Zabaline, ‘the Rubbish People’ of Egypt.

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2 Replies to “Bangladesh, Egypt, and minorities”

  1. These people are insane.

    The so-called holy man incites them to riot, and to do whatever they can to destroy the minority peoples within Muslim countries.

    I would dearly love to see the western world wake up to what is really happening. We are in danger of losing everything to these barbarians and the governments, aided by the liberal media, are doing everything in their power to castrate our values and make way for a Muslim dominated world.

    This is unfortunately the tip of the iceberg. Wait until this happens in the US or Sweden, or other nations where Muslims are immigrating in vast numbers.

    Ban Islam as the hateful, atavistic cult that it is and be done with it.

    Then we can respond to this evil political ideology with the force needed to defeat it once and for all; 1,400 years is far too long for this sort of hatred to exist unchecked.

    Time to stop Islam.

    Kufar and proud.

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