France nabs 12 Islamic suspects


PARIS – FRENCH intelligence officers have arrested 12 suspected Islamic extremists in a series of raids in Paris and the surrounding region, judicial officials told AFP on Tuesday.

The detainees were picked up over the weekend and on Monday before being remanded in custody under anti-terrorism legislation, which gives police up to four days to question them, one of the officials said.

The magistrate Thierry Fragnoli ordered the arrests and is, according to the website of news magazine L’Express, hunting a network that recruits militants in France and sends them to fight in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Officers from the French domestic intelligence service DCRI carried out the raids. Some of those arrested were Tunisian-born, the official said. — AFP

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  1. Thats 12 down, millions more to go.

    Too bad we don’t have the manpower to do the right thing about Islam.

    Or is it that we don’t have the cojones?

    May Islam fail.

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