Artist Lars Vilks attacked at university in Uppsala in Sweden

Translation: Ted Ekeroth

Below, is basically the same video, but from Aftenbladet TV with English subtitles done by VladTepes and translation by

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Tuesday May 11th

Vilks Attacked During Seminar

On Tuesday a man attacked the artist Lars Vilks in connection with a seminar on art at Uppsala University.

The atmosphere was calm at the beginning, Uppsala Nya Tidning reports. When Vilks showed a movie with sexual content the atmosphere became tense.

“The man in the first row suddenly rushed towards me. He gave me a “Danish,” [dansk skalle, hitting someone on the head using your own head] and I hit the wall and dropped my glasses,” Vilks says to TT.

The Uppsala Nya Tidning photographer, who was on the scene, describes the situation as extremely tense.

According to Vilks the man belonged to a group that tried to disturb the seminar. Vilks was taken to safety after the assault.

“I’m not injured, just a bit bruised.”

The seminar was broadcast by Uppsala Nya Tidning on the net.

The group that the man belongs consists of Muslims, says Vilks.

TT: How do you know that they are Muslims?

“They shouted “Mohammed, Mohammed,” says Vilks

He says that the pandemonium was still going on at around 18:00. The seminar was about Vilks’ own art projects and the topic of art and freedom of speech.

“My seminar in Jönköping was cancelled before I could hold the session, and now it has happened here. I am being stopped by physical violence, and I think it’s problematic if a mob is in charge,” he says.

The police were watching the event. A police officer was assaulted during the pandemonium.

“A crowd rushed forward. When a policeman tried to stop them he was attacked. As of now, two persons are in custody,” says Tommy Karlsson, commanding officer of the police in Uppsala county.

The two arrested persons are in their twenties, Uppsala Nya Tidning reports. A third was taken into custody for “disturbing the peace”.

Meanwhile, outside, the Muslims are showing the world the only two words they seem to learn at university:

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16 Replies to “Artist Lars Vilks attacked at university in Uppsala in Sweden”

  1. Knife attack planned?

    what a SICK cult.

    The guy in the center at about second 15-22, red t-shirt, black vest, is fondling with some stuff out of his right pocket.
    Could well be a pocket (butterfly?)-knife.

    Any way to increased resolution / clear screenshots?

    Apart from current pictures of the current war (yes, that is what it is) pictures, Vlad, thanks for the great, great work and quick video availability, following your blog for quite a while. Great stuff!

  2. I wonder if the cop tackling the mahoundian with pepper spray will be charged with breaking community cohesion by having prevented it (not him) from murdering Lars Vilks… Since Sweden is going down the same suicidal path the UK was put on by its political elite, that would not surprise me.

  3. Quote: “. . .He gave me a “Danish,” [dansk skalle, hitting someone on the head using your own head]. . .”

    The back-up method to obtaining the visible mark of devotion when 5 daily headbanging sessions fail to provide the zebiba finally revealed?

  4. As long as the Prawns know that nothing’s going to happen to them worse than a little pepper spray and a shove, they’re going to keep thinking that they can always win these little battles. They sure as heck won this one! They’re bullying us and we’re too frightened to fight back. Did you see how gentle those cops were being, even to the point of endangering their own safety? They’re terrified of hurting the enemy ’cause it might make them mad, and they know their own leaders are too timid to back them up if the need arises. That’s terrorism people-they have succeeded in making us afraid, in filling us with terror, as it says to do in their Holy Quran.

    • I believe the police handled the situation appropriately and were not endangered themselves. This is a political issue, not a gang war.

  5. There are plenty of people who are not afraid and more show their strength against these thugs every day. Terrorism will only work if we allow it to.

  6. The cartoons are nothing. The viciously anti-Islamic novel, “How Fatima Started Islam: Mohammad’s Daughter Tells It All” by the American author Noor Barack, is openly and publically sold by with no court actions, protests, or problems. America has freedom of speech.

    The book depicts Mohammad as a pisss-laden drunken old fool too incompetent to run ‘Mohammad’s Saloon & Brothel’ well never mind a religion. His smart daughter Fatima (inorder to get out of the brothel and servicing tricks) uses her father to start the religion. As long as she can keep him happy with booze and young children and camels to molest he is happy to let her take charge of everything.

    This book could not be sold in Sweden but thank Allah it can be in the United States.

    • You also forgot the Korana of Mother Goddess, a feminine, all peace interpretation of the Koran which has been sold for years and years without incidence (first sale 2004)

  7. Islam has never been able to leave critics alone. Muslims use whatever means to destroy their opponents physically or financially since they understand, deep down, that what they believe in is absolutley and utterly wrong on so many levels.

    That they attack writers, women, cartoonists, children and anyone else who disagrees with them tells me that Muslims are incapable of rational thought and the only thing they really understand is violence and hatred.

    If that is all they understand, lets oblige them by returning it back, with extras…

  8. Muslims have a place in our society, just without the religion and doctrines of Islam. How can we love them and offer them an opportunity to make a positive choice, whilst at the same time clearly and fully documenting and presenting the failings of Islam?

    • The Muslim religion is fairly well based in Judiasm and Christianity. Most of the stories are almost exactly the same. Many of the prayers and chapters can be found counterparts in the bible, new and old testament. It’s not much different, really. The Christians had their Spanish Inquisition and years of torture. The Vatican has had rivers of blood running thru Vatican City for years, and a Nextflix — PBS movies still tells of a significant underground gay priest hook up society in and around Rome and other highly Roman Catholic cities.
      No religion is perfect, but I have to tell you of the big three–Christianity, Judiasm and Islam, they’re pretty much the same. Wicca is nature protective and worships god and goddess via nature, which is what they created. You can make your own relition in Wicca, so that’s the most different. Still the Wicca credo is “do what ye will, but harm none”.

  9. Joanne you really need to study islam and koran. It is nothing like Christianity or Judaism and the Koran is sort of a black mirror of earlier scripture, written to attack it not to augment it.

    Please have a look through koran just for one tiny example and see if you can find a single woman in it with a name. You wll find only one. When you do, please notice why she is the only one named and how koran treats her. Then watch this to understand abrogation in koran and re read it in Chronological order understanding whihc later verses abrogate earlier ones.

    Once you have done that please get back to us as we would very much entertain a discussion with you. Till then you sound like a car salesman who never actually drove one.

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