England really did go commie.

This is beyond belief. Which is saying something as there is not a week that goes by where something happens in England which is not beyond belief. British people should be rioting in the streets over this. It is not as unsubtle an issue as a giant mosque in Dudley etc. but is massively important in terms of a government right out of control, and a people being run by Marxist dogma but not being told. In the nicest possible way people, and from someone who truly loves England, what is wrong with you guys?

Eeyore for Vlad:

Pensioner’s red, white, and blue anti-MP election protest poster is branded ‘racist’ by police

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 1:10 PM on 1st May 2010

A pensioner who put up a red, white and blue election poster telling voters to kick out MPs was accused of racism by police.

After being inundated by canvassing politcians, Roy Newman, 74, decided to tell other voters: ‘GET THE LOT OUT.’

But 90 minutes after he put up the homemade sign up in an upstairs room at his house, two police officers arrived and threatened with arrest.

Spelling trouble: Roy Newman with his anti-MP poster that led to  an arrest threatSpelling trouble: Roy Newman with his anti-MP poster that led to an arrest threat

They said the Union Jack-coloured lettering on a white background could be considered ‘racist’.

He was told there had been a single complaint and he was ordered to remove it or change it otherwise he would end up in court .

But the former Tory councillor, from North Anston, near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, said police had misunderstood his message.

He said : ‘My sign is up there because the MPs and council leadership we have in place at the moment are a load of rubbish and I want them out, nothing more.

‘The police told me that due to the fact that the words were written in red and blue and the background was white, my sign had racist connotations.

‘What a load or rubbish – it certainly wasn’t my intention to come across as racist. I’m not racist.’

And the furious pensioner , chairman of his local history society and a former Samaritan , slammed police for wasting their time.

He said : ‘Three years ago vandals put a brick through my window and when I called the police all they offered me was a crime reference number.

Defiance: Mr Newman put up the sign after being bombarded by  canvassersDefiance: Mr Newman put up the sign after being bombarded by canvassers

‘Put up a poster and a police car with two uniformed officers arrives quick as a flash – it’s unbelievable.’

In the end, under protest Roy altered the colour of some letters to yellow, but refused to change the words.

A spokeswoman for South Yorkshire Police said : ‘Officers responded to a call from a complainant who had seen the sign and interpreted it as being racist.

‘Given this sign was displayed publicly and seemed to be causing offence we did see fit to attend the address.

‘Officers spoke to Mr Newman and were told that his words referred to councillors and MPs. WE advised him that the wording could be changed to make that fact more clear.

‘Following the officers’ visit the complainant was contacted by us and the meaning of the sign was explained . They said that they were no longer offended and were happy to let the matter rest.

‘It is unlikely that any further action will be taken.’

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4 Replies to “England really did go commie.”

  1. More to the point, the UK has become part of Eurabia, which dictates that no dissent or free speech is allowed.

    Since it has become Britainistan, the people will submit to their dhimmi overlords and forget that WWII was fought to keep this sort of idiocy out of the western world.

    Shame on the Brits for letting their fundamental freedoms go unprotected for the sake of more telly.

    The time is ripe for the EDL and the UKIP to send a message to the police state that the UK has swiftly become since the mass hajri really started little more than 20 years ago. Stop immigration from those countries which are most likely to encourage sedition and the overthrow of the western world.

    We all know which countries we mean.

    (BTW Does anyone remember the song Arabs in ‘Arrods? Its quite pertinent here in this context.)

  2. Sounds like the old Soviet Union: getting a visit from the police for making a political statement on his own property? Britain cannot be called a free a country. However, I blame Britons for tolerating this state of affairs. A slave remains a slave only as long as he acquiesces to his status.

  3. MY God! This happend in England the birth place of the Magna Carta , since 1215 political and civil liberties granted by King John. Shame on Her Majesty’s Government, throughout the centuries millions of Britians’s Sons and Daughters have died for basic freedom and liberty only to be bullied by Orwellian style ‘Thought Police in the 21st century.

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