MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer is in fact a true racist.

This woman, as we hear in this clip, ties actual racial aspects such as skin colour and so on, with belief.

I mean if a person does not act on belief then what do they act on? She seems to think that race and behavior are tied together. In fact, that would be the most succinct definition of racism one can make. Also, you can hear the subtext that she was clearly wishing that the NYT bomber was a white Christian, also a clear racial issue at least in terms of the perp being white, but certainly she was hoping that the perp had no ‘ties to Islam.’

Remember, MSNBC is the same channel that actually hijacked one black mans protest against Obama’s health care bill to make him look like a white racist who hated having a black president.

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5 Replies to “MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer is in fact a true racist.”

  1. When will mainstream media and the public get it?

    Islam is not a race but an ideology. One that has been trying to be the only religion around and is succeeding at it nearly everywhere.

    When we stop calling it religious, cultural or racial, then we will see Islam in all its true ugliness as a total control system that has no place in the modern world.

    Mainstream media and the public should be warned. Any attempts to justify the jihad is points in their favour, not ours, and should be discouraged.

  2. Has this creature ever work for the CBC because she is purrrfect!

    She has obviously been raised in a wealthy home and taught how to speak English with no accent.

    And because she looks great, she hates herself, her country but feels oh so sorry for the muslims that want to kill us that she can justify it because of the housing crisis like her co-idiots on CNN. WHO DID SHE GO TO BED WITH TO GET THIS JOB?

    America is in for a wild ride – it will take a lot of blood until white bread America is cleansed of this guilt complex for being succesful.

    I can npt wait until mobs of angry Americans ( real Americans not mulsims ) attack NBC and Chris Mathews by his you know whats.

  3. Islam is not a religion, it is a hobby! Just like World of Warcraft and Pokémon. Stories and fairy tales to surround a sick bunch of rituals. The only use and the real reason is to enslave people. (*)

    Something else that is sick, everybody that is denying ‘The People’ a good health and a good health insurance has a hateful mind, This weekend I saw Michael More’s ‘Sicko’ and it never came to my mind that the situation in the United States was so bad, even Third World countries are better off! There are many countries in the hart of Africa that have a better system for public health than the US! If MSNBC has ever aired something that opposed Obama’s Health Care plans, than MSNBC should be considered to be the most backward organisation around at this moment.

    Many Americans still don’t understand that a good public health is not left-wing and not right-wing, it is common sense! If you care for people (like in “We The People!”) than you must do everything you can to keep everybody healthy (for free), that is a part of your rights, there is a freedom of speech, but there must be also something like it’s your right not to get sick from behaviour of other citizens.

    (*) by the way, the times of slavery were a black page in American history. A lot is written about how the slaves got their freedom, the underground railroad etc. But there has not been any scripture (or hardly any) that describes how the slaves got on the boat to the Americas! It were the moslems who kicked the pitiful blacks on the boat. For the moslims still in 2010 slavery is still acceptable, because the Holy Koran is allowing them to keep slaves, hit them, punish them and sell them. For the moslem slave master it is even allowed to kill a slave, or have sex with the slave. Selling slaves to slave traders was no big deal for the moslem slave catcher. Maybe it is a good idea to get the blacks in the US enlightened, get them to understand that islam is the reason why their great great grandfathers had to work for no money! How else those blacks got on the boat to the Americas? Ever noticed how the Nation Of Islam is spinning around the reality? The islam is the only reason why they are second class citizens, it is not the solution, it is the cause!

  4. Contessa Brewer is like a beauty contest winner going on about what she’d do for world peace. I’m not trying to be snide or funny, I mean exactly what I say. I find it both outrageous and highly offensive that MSNBC would point a camera at somebody with a sixteen-year-old’s grasp of world politics. Nowadays, “Entertainment Tonight”, and the news, are one and the same. Damn them to Hell! (said with Charlton Heston’s voice).

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