Illegal immigrants now have legal right to 100% of UK benifits

England, you once led the world in spreading reason and true liberalism. Now you are committing suicide as rapidly and dare I say it, ‘diversely’ as you possibly can.

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8 Replies to “Illegal immigrants now have legal right to 100% of UK benifits”

  1. Good, the quicker the systems go broke the quicker we can fight openly and then take Europe back. This will come to an end once the money is all gone and the stupid white Europeans are no longer paying for their new Masters.

  2. I’m going to paraphrase Fjordman here, so any errors in understanding are 100% mine not his.
    The prediction is, that once the system breaks, and of course it has to, Muslims will leave the cities for small towns and rural folk in order to take their resources. and bring them back to the cities, as historically this is always what happens. The time to fight back should probably be earlier than that.

  3. Am I going to be the only one surprised when the explosive backlash happens?
    No wonder they are trying to suppress the BNP, if this goes on a lot worse than the BNP is going to rise to power.

    I’m beginning to see the libertarian point of view, maybe this is an inevitable consequence of a benefit system: you can’t rely on government’s to spend your wealth wisely, and parasites like this spend your earned money instead of you.
    Next we’ll see some straight faced Conservative/Liberal or Labour liar, waffling on about how the BNP are lying when they say that immigrants get preferential treatment, or that they are really in control of the country, not the Soviet Socialist Union of Europe.

    Or maybe Melcher’s Iron Law of Oligarchy is true after all?

  4. Greg I am making a point. Vlad was a man who did what he had to do, to defend his nation from a force who’s brutality he was in a unique position to understand, havng been taken from them as a child and raised to be a point man for Muslim armies invasion and occupation of central and Eastern Europe. Vlad knew his enemy. He needs to be studied and respected. Even though ultimately he lost as we may well for the same reasons.

  5. Because her children are at school? I think the solution here is obvious. Boot her sprogs out of school. Then boot the arselifters out of the country.

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