But, What about Indonesia?

“But”, say all of the detractors, “But what about Indonesia? Aren’t they a good example of a moderate Muslim nation?”
Well, maybe once they were I don’t know. This 2 minute video gives a solid idea about where it is going.

Indonesian sharia police from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

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2 Replies to “But, What about Indonesia?”

  1. Indonesia was NEVER an example of a moderate muslim nation. They are and have been engaged in massive slaughter of christians for 60 years! 1/3 of the whole population in east timor died between 1975 and 1993. Killed by “muslim indonesian pro-integration militias” – thats actually what they called themselves!.
    When islamists took on the communist rise to power in 1965 estimated deathtoll lies between 500.000 and two million. This massive slaughter was understood within a cold war paradigm, which paralysed western response, however it should be reassesed as a “clash of civilisations” conflict.

    Lastly on the 19 jan. 1999 another civil war startet in ambon because a muslims got “offended” in a quarrel with a christian taxi driver. The imams took offense and launched a massive slaughter after friday prayers.
    The indonesian government now actively moves thousands of radical muslims from the other end of the country to ambon and malluku islands just to make life miserable for the few christian pockets left.

    …Like so many other places like sudan or vietnam decolonization has proved disastrous for the indiginous christians.

    There really is no example of a “moderate muslim nation” only examples of muslim nations seeming moderate due to their incapability

    here are some films on indonesia

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