Muslim group’s response to Christmas Day terrorist Abdulmutallab

CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations prides itself on representing the voice of moderate Islam in the United States. The highly influential group relays a position of zero tolerance for Islamic extremism. Below is a portion of CAIR’s generic, passionless denunciation of terrorism:

‘The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has consistently and persistently condemned terrorism and the killing of innocent civilians.  CAIR has also organized fatwas, petition drives, placed advertisements in national and local newspapers, ran public service announcements on television and radio stations, helped local Mosques across the United States in holding open houses, published Op-Eds in local and national newspapers, conducted inter-faith meetings and worked with scholars to disseminate the peaceful teachings of Islam’.

So, where is their denunciation of Christmas Day terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab?

There isn’t one. Perhaps in the spirit of understanding and tolerance, we could excuse the glaring omission simply because they are bogged down with other, more weighty Muslim outrages to focus on rather than such a petty incident in comparison. Take for example, that CAIR-Chicago has asked CitiBank to apologize to a Muslim woman who was ‘humiliated’ after a bank employee allegedly verbally abused her because she was wearing a hijab. Or, that a group of Muslims in San Diego were ‘upset’ and ‘insulted’ after attending an international Church Christmas party which featured a magic show and a visiting pastor, an Egyptian convert from Islam to Christianity who railed against sharia.

Or maybe their time is better spent blaming Hollywood for stereotyping Muslims and Arabs in a bad light. Of course negative opinion associated to radical Islam could never be blamed on factual daily acts of violence and murder around the globe. It is not the vile ideologies of al-Qaeda or the Taliban, or other extremist groups that are responsible, but the sinister agenda of Tinseltown. True Lies, Executive Decision, the cartoon Aladdin and other ‘negative portrayals of Muslims and Arabs in cinema’ are to blame for the coloured public perception setting off more Muslim selective outrage.

It is now understood and has been confirmed by authorities, that Abdulmutallab has a London connection. Predictably, no official statement of denunciation has been issued by Islam4uk, the radical group in England headed by Anjem Choudary. Yet, Britain gives this hate-filled ‘cleric’ full attention and street space to speak out vehemently and repeatedly against western values. There is not a peep from Choudary or from those who support his ‘moderate’ spiritual campaign, as they too have busied themselves with other, more demanding Islamic projects such as denouncing the three harmful ‘idols’ confronting Muslims in the western world: democracy, secularism and freedom.

For CAIR to obsess on obscure ‘anti-Muslim’ instances, citing hurt feelings and insults as societal atrocities in place of denouncing acts of  terrorism and daily violence against innocents in the name of Islam is nothing short of absolute indifference to real suffering; it also reveals an unparalleled arrogance and self-centeredness within CAIR’s selective agenda. I for one, have come to understand fully that  it is not just what some North American Muslim organizations do say which reveals the truth, but what they fail to say.

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