Islamburg makes video response to Christian Action Network

The organization, ‘Islamburg’ which the C.A.N. exposed as a Pakistani funded terrorist training camp with locations across America, made a video response to Martin Mawyer’s excellent and courageous film on their organization. As a courtesy to them, I allowed it to be posted as a video response on Vlad Tepes’s youtube channel. However, felt it was necessary to add a short introduction to their response although I did post their film intact other than that. First, the CAN film, and below, the Islamburg video response.

Below, is Islamburg’s response with my introduction:

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  1. Questioning who gave Martin Mawyer ‘authority’ is MoA’s defence? Is that the best they can do?

    News break! Mawyer doesn’t need Gilani’s permission or authority. MoA can go pound sand.

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