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Posting has been light as both Grace and I had the privilege of attending a free speech conference in Ottawa today. Expect to see some videos and articles here from that in the near future. Among the speakers was John Robson, one of my absolute favorites in Canadian journalism as well as Barbara Kay who was also there. Videos will be snippets and up as the various groups allows. As I have been asked to edit some of the footage, there may be bits available soonish.

Here is a Phyllis Chesler article on the Swiss Minaret issue. Nothing much has happened yet as a result of the Swiss vote, but something will most likely. Phyllis points out how we never hear about proportional response when it comes to Muslims. Below, a section of it:

The Islamic world does not allow new synagogues or churches to be built. Further: Muslim fundamentalists currently persecute, torture, and murder those Christians who dare remain in the Middle East, and they kidnap, forcibly convert, and “marry” their very young daughters.

It is time to demand—or at least to expect–reciprocity. Otherwise, we are really being racist in having one (higher) standard for Westerners and another (much lower) standard for the barbarians.

Granted: The West is not as barbaric and intolerant as the Islamic world; we do not willingly wish to become intolerant. Yet, tolerating the intolerant is unwise, or as the Jewish sages tell us: Being kind to the cruel results in cruelty to the kind.

It would apper that now one is a ‘racist’ if one believes that national identity should be allowed and those who wish to impose foreign views on it should not do so. I bet that only applies though if the nation is white. No one seems to think its racist if an Arab state insists that no foreign ideas should even be considered, or if an African state like Zimbabwe actually throws people off of their land or out of their homes on the sole basis of skin color as they did to the white farmers. Then somehow that isn’t racist. But when French citizens feel that French national identity should have something to do with France well that is downright racist. Culture. Use it or lose it. h/t snaphanen

Kadhafi claims that the Swiss Minaret ban is an invitation to Al-queda to attack the Swiss. Kadhafi no doubt thinks that would be an appropriate response. Of course, it would only prove the Swiss, and by extension the rest of Europe who clearly would all ban the building of more minarets if given the chance, correct that a minaret is indeed a symbol of Islamic manifest destiny. If Muslims do terrorist acts on Switzerland for not allowing minarets, then we should be nuking meca for what they do not allow in terms of competing ideologies.H/T TROP

Here is one for ‘The Golden Age of Spain’ file. 9 men arrested for trying to murder a woman they accused of adultery Islamic style.

SPANISH police have arrested nine men suspected of seeking to have a woman killed after they accused her of adultery, claiming they were following Islamic law, authorities said.

The men were arrested on November 14 and seven have been held in jail, a police spokesman said.

According to police, the woman had been taken in March and held in an isolated house in Valls in northeastern Catalonia.

Authorities say the men set up a court there to judge her for adultery.

“These men had formed a kind of court to apply (Islamic) sharia law,” the spokesman said, adding the woman told authorities she was tried and sentenced to death.

She was later able to escape and report what happened to police.

What do you want to bet the BBC does not include this gem on their next feature on the wonders of Al Andaluz?

Lastly, ministers in the UK are told to avoid using certain words that might offend Muslims. Ok thats not news. We are used to that. I mean we all know that if you use words like ‘soap’ or ‘toothpaste’ you might really offend new Muslim immigrants but now even the words ‘Islamist and Fundamentalist’ are on the no speak list. I was kidding about soap and so on obviously but exactly what is it we are allowed to say or that doesn’t offend these tyrants? Oh yeah, welfare, dole, public housing and ‘not guilty on a technicality’ seem to be OK.

Here is a ten second video on English landmarks.

Oh yes and of course, ‘Schtick Muzzie’, Anjem Choudery is at it again with a subtle variation on his usual theme. This time he is trying to annoy the elderly with claims that Jesus would have wanted sharia law. I suppose his marching around with a photoshop of Buckingham Palace with an onion on top was wearing thin with his fan club. I certainly can’t say that I speak for Al Queda, but dollars to donairs I bet AQ and the rest of us do have one thing in Common.

We all think Anjem is a total schmuck.

(this is the one and only video where Anjem uses the classic Bin Laden ‘Jihad Flag’ for his background. We at Vlad are willing to bet he got a call that scared the kebab out of him for being a fake martyr and using that flag as a prop to annoy the yokels.)

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