Television debate on minaret ban with Tarek Ramadam. France

Tarek is truly an emetic personality. I do not think once here in this two part debate did he answer a question in any normal sense of answering one, but did walk across his own arguments several times, as clearly all that matters to him is establishing the primacy of Islam in Europe. On the one hand, he insists that a minaret is just a decorative unimportant non-political aspect of a mosque so to ban it is racist and shows European hatred of ‘visible Muslims’ and so minarets must be allowed. In other words, minarets are not important so they are really important. Get your Imodium ready, you will need it after you hear him. As to the rest of them as usual, they miss the point with a wide berth. Being opposed to Islam is not racist. A mosque is not an analogue of a Church. No church construction is permitted in most Muslim nations, ones that seem never to enter this debate. One interesting point, was that the content of the Muslim call to prayer made through these minarets five times a day, is in fact illegal content in France and many other nations, as it is a specific call not to obey the laws of the Kaffir etc. Enjoy. Thanks to Tundra Tabloid for the embed code.

Part II

For those of you unfamiliar with Tarek Ramadan, please enjoy the debate below with Tarek and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author of the stunning and spell binding book, ‘Infidel’. And, for more taqiyya from Mr. Ramadan, read his latest contribution on the Canadian Islamic Congress’ site entitled ” Swiss Campaign to Ban Minarets Fuelled by Populist Party”.

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  1. How poetic (poetry, quite valuable to muslims) to see the birthplace of this clown, tariq ramadan, initiate a referendum to ban minarets and learn his fellow compatriots (pun intented) voted to pass the referendum overwhelmingly!
    For those who are not familiar with this taqiyya artist, consider reading <a href=" Fourest’s : Brother Tariq: The Doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan” in english or in it’s original “Frere Tariq: Discours, Strategie Et Methode De Tariq Ramadan”.

    Hugh Fitzgerald offers his own tribute to this duplicitous prevaricatorhere.

  2. There is a really good analysis of Tarek by Chris Hitchens out there somewhere as well I am trying to find. A video actually.

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