The far left get’s trounced out of Muslim Rosengard Sweden

Here is an interesting and somewhat amusing event from Aug, 2009. Some violent anarchists who call themselves Antifa, for anti fascist or, Anti Fascist Action, went to Muslim Rosengard Sweden hoping to exacerbate some violence and general rioting. Here is how it actually turned out this time.

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This video was filmed on Saturday 22 August 2009

Members of left wing AFA or Antifa (Anti Fascist Action – Sweden) had attempted to organise a local Street festival in Rosengård, Sweden. However things did not go to plan as local young Muslims were not ‘being organised’ by anyone and unceremoniously evicted the AFA who were then relegated to holding their ‘Street festival’ outside of a nearby ‘petrol station’, where they threw stones, bottles, and burning objects at police cars.

This article in the The Local has more information, although it is very careful to avoid identifying either the political or the ethnic aspects of the encounter. To the Swedish media, the masked Antifa are “activists”, and the violent young Muslims are “residents of Rosengård”.

Residents thwart Rosengård street festival – 23 August 2009


Rosengård (District) Malmo (City) Sweden
81% Muslim (2004), Unemployed 63%(2002)

The AFA…


Review of Rosengård and it’s Saudi Mosque…


Other relevent articles from ‘The Local’ Sweden’s News in English

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Malmö hit by wave of car fires – 10 August 2009

Politicians call for Rosengård curfew 01 May 2009

Rosengård firefighters call it quits 28 April 2009

Rosengård ‘growing more radical’ – 28 January 2009

Fire-fighters given police escort to rowdy Malmö suburb – 14 June 2008

Rosengård riots abate after two violent nights – 20 December 2008

Unrest continues near vacated Malmö mosque – 18 December 2008
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  1. Don’t know who’s worse, AFA or the muslim “youth”.
    This actually used to be my hometown and I still visit, but the changes are just horrendous! And the worst thing is that most people who live there don’t see what’s wrong, they’ve gotten so used to things being the way they are and when I try to point out what is wrong with the whole picture, most of the time all I get is a shrug…. just makes me want to cry. I remember how I would walk home alone from town after a night out with friends! Needless to say, that’s not possible anymore.

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