Swiss voters do not be conned. Vote to ban the minaret today

Today the decision to ban the construction of minarets is before the Swiss people. Of course there are massive guilt ridden well funded campaigns claiming that to ban the minaret is racist.

Lets be clear and rational here please just for a moment then we can all go back to being creatures driven by hyperbole and rhetoric.

A building is not a race. Banning a building and in this case only part of a building cannot possibly be considered racist. Now if you decided to ban say, bricks as a building material for no reason at all except you had a pathological hatred of bricks you could be accused of being ‘brickest’ I suppose and you may have some unions come down hard on  you. But a minaret is not a building, a building is not a race and of course the central point that everyone misses each and every time this comes up is, Islam is not a race.

Now I don’t actually think banning minarets is the right solution. I think banning Islam is. There is no reason to allow Islam to continue its steady march towards supremacy in western nations unopposed that I can see. Mosques indeed are not an equivalent of a temple, church, or synagogue. They are indeed a beach-head from which supremacy is taught and greater and greater separation of Muslims from the host population until you have two solitudes and eventually the most intolerant system, Islam with it’s sharia law, will win. Just ask a Kosovar or an Egyptian Copt.

So recognizing that banning the minaret is merely a totem for what ultimately will have to be done if Swiss and indeed Western civilization has any intention of continuing its fine heritage of freedoms (leftist continual introduction of irrational crypto-environmental regulations and behavioural restrictions not withstanding) then at least making sure that Swiss mosques are not able to dominate the landscape, the actual purpose of the minaret, is a fine start. So please dear people of Switzerland; you utterly failed to assist the people of Europe from saving themselves from the Nazis, and in fact, acted out of self interest to work with them by managing stolen wealth. Let’s see if you have at least a healthy amount of that self-preservation instinct left in you. This time, you can lead Europe to self determination and save civilization.

Vote to ban the minaret. Then later, you can ban Islam altogether.

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3 Replies to “Swiss voters do not be conned. Vote to ban the minaret today”

  1. There are many of us here in the USA that hope this ban
    on minarets is passed, and by a large majority. Do not let them
    force Islam or Shariah law upon you! Islam is nothing but a
    cult that has been watered by the blood of millions of innocent
    people since the 7th century. Stop Islam by starting with this
    minaret ban!

  2. Maybe the US & other nations should follow Swiss style direct democracy?

    The Swiss just voted to ban minarets on mosques and this is a great exercise of their unique form of direct democracy regardless of your views on the subject. But my question is why do the Swiss get to overrule their politicians and parliament and here in the US, we don’t have that right?

    Let’s bring Swiss style direct democracy to the United States so Americans can vote on the Wall Street bailouts, government health care, whether to audit or abolish the FED, or require Congress declare war before we invade another country. Read why Switzerland is free and America is not and help restore citizen control over the US government and Congress currently under control of special interests.

  3. Ron I disagree. There is no perfect system but the US one is far far superior to direct democracy. It is the one place I disagree with Lord Pearson, the new leader of UKIP in England. Direct democracy is what Plato called, “Three foxes and a chicken voting on what to have for dinner” or something similar. Ideally a good constitution which guarantees individual rights and freedoms from government and religion etc. And the proper machinery to maintain those rights and thats as good as it gets as far as I can see. Sadly, generations of left leaning presidents in the US have eroded not just the machinery to preserve American law, but so many exceptions have been made to laws which are themselves exceptions to constitutional absolutes, that no one is clear what the laws are. Is it legal to be racist? Why is affirmative action a government policy while at the same time selecting on the basis of race is illegal? this sort of thing. The answer I think is difficult. People have to start taking responsibility for themselves again. To quote the author of the excellent book, Man’s Search For Meaning, Dr. Victor Frankl, “There is a statue of liberty on the east coast. Where is the statue of responsibility on the west one?” He is correct. Civics must be taught in schools agian. How government works and what each individuals role is in it. Universities need to be closed and we need to startt over with some other thing that has not been taken over by the Frankfurt School descendants. Please take 12 minutes and watch the first part of this at least: http://www

    Thanks for posting and reading Ron

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