Bruce Bawer: Sept 14th 2009 Ottawa

I have posted this before, but as closed my channel, I have slowly started re-uploading the more important projects I have been involved with.

Please feel free to pass this link around to anyone who may be interested. It was a great pleasure and honour to be involved with the filming and editing of this evening with a great panel and Bruce Bawer. The Q&A with the panel I will add to this post in the next few days as I get it ready and upload it to the new site. This evening was made possible by Fred Litwin of Free Thinking Films and the Canadian branch of the International Free Press Society.

Eeyore for Vlad

bruce bawer speech vimeo from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

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  1. Thanks for uploading this. I’ll make a point of watching it tomorrow when I have time to do so.

    Just a thought: On the EDL website, which claims to be against “radical” Islam they like nothing better than to engage in ad hominem attacks against the likes of Bruce Bawer and Robert Spencer.

    The EDL are no better than the people they claim to despise. At any of their “marches” you’ll invariably see members of the UAF and the two sides will invariably start shouting at each other. But they’re two sides of the same coin.

    The EDL has accepted the narrative that says “moderate” Muslims are just okay, they’re all over the place, and they wouldn’t harm a fly, no sir. It’s those pesky “radical” Muslims who cause all the trouble. The people who frequent and run the EDL website are unable to say what a “moderate” Muslim actually is. (And I asked them enough times, you can be sure of that.) They have no answer when it’s pointed out to them that a “moderate” Muslim can turn “radical” at the drop of a hat, and they can’t stand when Islam itself is criticised. As I said, in many ways the EDL are just like the “radical” lefties they claim to despise.

    There are several people on the EDL website who act like a second rate O’Brien from Orwell’s “1984”. Of course they didn’t know what I was talking about when I pointed that out to them …

    Getting back to my original point though: Bruce Bawer in particular came in for a fair bit of ad hominem abuse on the EDL website not long ago. He’s American, you see … and no, none of the EDL people abusing him had read his books …

  2. That is truly a shame. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bawer when he came to Ottawa. He is a man without guile. A sincere man that would like nothing more than to abandon all thoughts of Islam and get back to things of greater interest to him. However like many responsible and educated people today, he feels an obligation to speak out against the threat Islam represents to the west and perhaps doubly so for him in particular, which leads me to a peculiar irony. How amused he must be to think that the Muslims despise him for being gay, and the EDL mock him for being American. He works more and more now within the sphere of Norwegian politics. I hope some good things come of it. He really is a good human being.

  3. Reading his first book on Islam in the West was a real turning point for me. To a large extent I have Mr. Bawer to thank for opening my eyes to what is going on in the West today. I always assumed that the truth mattered, and if an honest investigation into any subject was carried out, then legitimate progress could be made. That’s not the agenda of much of the political class today though. They’re not interested in the truth. They don’t want honest investigations to be carried out into what they believe and do. And they want us to say that “progress” is kowtowing to the believers of an ancient ideology, that has its roots in an alien culture that regards us nonbelievers as second class citizens. How Orwellian! More and more I’m coming to the view that the real enemy is not the Islamists, but those in our own countries who are hell bent on destroying everything that is good in the name of “equality” and “diversity”.

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