Islamic law jails men for beating and blinding crocodile, sanctions mutilation of women

From The Ottawa Citizen

I thought about posting this under the heading ‘Stupid Muslim Tricks’ but realized it’s quite a serious matter. An Islamic court in Bangladesh has sentenced two men for beating and blinding a prehistoric lizard, housed in a pond in front of the Khan Jahan Ali shrine. Cruelty to a crocodile under Islam will net you more jail time than deliberate brutal and barbaric cruelty to a woman. Who knew?

The following article found at bottom from TROP, documents and illustrates the severe cruelty meted out to young girls and women by men who, by their faith believe in exact and precise sharia punishment. It is highly unlikely that one has been incarcerated for their crime(s).

Bangladesh. Two jailed for beating sacred crocodile

Canwest News ServiceNovember 27, 2009

A court in southern Bangladesh sentenced two men to two years in jail after they beat and blinded a sacred crocodile at a Muslim shrine, police said Thursday. A magistrate handed down the punishment after the two — caretakers of the 15th century Khan Jahan Ali shrine in coastal Bagerhat district — were found guilty of “brutal treatment” of the animal, inspector Khairul Anam said. A pond in front of the shrine is home to crocodiles revered by thousands of devotees who visit the site. The caretakers collect money by showing the crocodiles to pilgrims.


Islam isn’t Pretty

Courtesy TROP

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