IFPS: Aho convicted of … Blasphemy? State enforced sharia law in Finland now.

Finnish District Court squashes free speech

By James Cohen • on September 8, 2009

Note from editor: There may be no more important application of free speech, than the right to criticize irrational religious authority. Without this one freedom, all the rest are meaningless and can be deemed illegal or blasphemous after the fact and at the whim of anyone in a funny hat.

James Cohen

By KGS From Tundra Tabloids:

Helsinki District Court delivers
verdict to Jussi Halla-aho:

You shall not insult Islam and its prophet!

It was to be expected. The Tundra Tabloids was asked just yesterday by someone living outside of Finland, what the outcome of the trial would be. Responding that it would be too close to tell, but the gut feeling however, was that most likely Jussi Halla-aho would receive a fine. That’s was indeed the case, as the District court in Helsinki fined the City Councilman to pay 30 day fines amounting to 330 euros.

This judgment by the Helsinki District Court violates the very essence of what “Freedom of Speech” stands for; the right to say out loud, that, what people do not want to hear. As an American who has been living in Finland for the past 22 years, I’m appalled at what just took place.

The Finnish judicial system just violated the sacred right of every Finn to speak his or her mind freely, on any given subject, no matter how polite or offensive that speech might be. From now on, and in no unclear or uncertain terms, the Finnish state makes itself the sole arbitrator of what kind of speech in Finland is permissable and what is not. Big Brother has spoken.

Prosecutor, Simo Kolehmainen, Chief Prosecutor, Jarmo Kalske, Prosecutor Mika Illman, Minster of Justice, Tuija Brax, you all are traitors to your country, and for that the Tundra Tabloids holds you all in contempt.

So, it is the personal opinion of the owner of this blog, The Tundra Tabloids, that the central figure of Islam, the person that Muslims revere and worship around the world and here in Finland, their “prophet Mohammad”, was in fact a pedophile by today’s standards, and it’s the continued intention of this blog to keep pointing out that fact, that the founder of Islam was indeed a pedophile, and that many of his faithful followers till this day, adhere to that institutionalized religious practice of Islamic inspired pedophilia.

The Tundra Tabloids hopes that point was made clear. KGS

NOTE: For more about the Jussi Halla-aho case history, click here

True Finns Councillor Fined for Defaming Religion

City Councillor Jussi Halla-Aho of the True Finns Party has been found guilty of defamation of religion by the Helsinki District Court. He was ordered to pay a fine of 330 euros. However, the court dismissed a charge of inciting hatred against an ethnic group.

Prosecutor Simo Kolehmainen said Halla-Aho had publicly defamed the Islamic faith in his blog writings. Halla-Aho had also written derogatory statements about Somali immigrants on his internet site.

The prosecutor said Halla-Aho’s writings insulted Muslims residing in Finland and endangered religious peace.

Halla-Aho admitted to writing the comments but challenged they were intended to defame. He said the comments had been taken out of context added he was not guilty of any criminal offence. YLE

NOTE: Here is the video again of the Halla-aho interview just after the court trial ended on the 28th of August.

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3 Replies to “IFPS: Aho convicted of … Blasphemy? State enforced sharia law in Finland now.”

  1. No sir, the True God, the God of Christians and Jews, the God of the Ten Commandments does not hate women. However, the god of the Muslims, Allah, does hate women vehemently. Keep that in mind because there is much more Allah who is Satan.

    It is Allah, the god of the Muslims, who hates women with a passion because Allah is actually Satan: the god of hatred; the god of violence; the god of Muslim suicide bombers; the god that allows Muslim husbands to beat their wives; the god of pedophile, child molester, diaper chaser, false prophet Muhammad; the god of wickedness; the god of hypocrisy; the god of narcissism; the god of selfishness; the god of corruption; the god of deceit; the god that murders Muslims if they reject Islam; the god of cruelty; the god of Female Genital Mutilation; the god that demands pain; the god of deception; the god of contradiction; the god of chauvinism; the god of arrogance; the god of pride; the god of lust; the god of pedophilia; the god that allows depraved old Muslim male sex perverts to literally, and legally kidnap little girls; the god that legally forces little girls to “marry” old depraved Muslim male sex perverts; the god that literally and legally allows old depraved Muslim Male sex perverts to rape little girls; the god of kinky and violent ideas; the god that teaches that women are inferior; the god that teaches that women are second class citizens; the god of incest; the god of polygamy; the god that allows depraved Muslims to have their own private whore houses; the god that allows legalized adultery; the god that punishes petty thieves, male and female, by chopping off their hands, feet, and gouging out eyes; the god of envy; the god of greed; the god that hangs homosexuals by the neck until dead; the god that persecutes infidels; the god of aggression; the god of “the best of people,” who are the Muslims; the god that teaches that “Jews are apes and pigs;” the god that stones women to death; the god that lashes women for flimsy reasons that are not crimes in a civilized society; the god that demands human blood; the god of mysogyny, the god of fiendishness; the god of lies, who told stupid Muslims that they will have 72 virgins waiting for them if they commit atrocities for Allah, i.e., Satan; the god of war; the god of death and destruction; the god of Islam, the most insidious religion devised by evil Muhammad in conjunction with Satan, that is, Allah.

    Allah, that is, Satan is the complete opposite of the True God, the God of the Christians and Jews. Everything that Allah, i.e., Satan teaches is the complete opposite of the the Ten Commandments. I’ve studied enough of Satan’s Bible, the Muslims call it the Qur’an, to see that Islam comes from none other than Satan, the god of intense hatred.

    P.S. Intelligent Muslims should have the courage to flush that pile of sh** called the Qur’an down the toilet.

  2. It is OK to criticize any religion or ideology or system for life especially those which others would impose on you, as that is a right so important, we MUST use it and fight for it and if needs be, take damage for it or the damage we will take by its absence will be unquantifiable in its vastness.

    Reason, Logic. freedom of thought and conscience, these are what matter. Criticize all faiths and systems. Let no man impose his will on you without your consent. You will have to fight for this including your own government bureaucrats.

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