Family members charged with first-degree murder in Kingston canal deaths

Picture 7.jpgFrom The Ottawa Citizen:

KINGSTON, Ont. — Three family members from Montreal were charged Thursday in the deaths of three young sisters and a woman last month in Kingston, Ont.

The girls’ father Mohammad Shafii, mother Tooba Mohammad Yahya and 18-year-old brother, Hamid Mohammed Shafii, were each charged with four counts of first-degree murder and four counts of conspiracy to commit murder, Kingston police said at a news conference Thursday.

“It was a needless and sensitive loss of human life,” said Kingston police chief Stephen Tanner. ” . . . They had their lives cut short by members of their own family.”

The bodies of three sisters — Zainab Shafii, 19, Sahar Shafii, 17 and Geeti Shafii, 13 — and their female relative Rona Amir Mohammed, 50, were discovered in a submerged car, near the Kingston Mills locks on the Rideau Canal June 30. The older woman has now been confirmed to be the girls’ father’s first wife.

While Kingston police have always referred to the deaths as suspicious, they revealed Thursday that they had been looking at this case as a homicide all along.

A coroner’s investigation has been completed but police say they will not release the cause of deaths of the four women until they are before the courts.

The three accused had told police the family were returning to Montreal after vacationing and visiting relatives in Niagara Falls.

The family, travelling in two cars, stopped at a hotel late at night during the trip and, according to Yahya, the girls’ mother, that her eldest daughter had asked for the keys to their Nissan Altima.

Yahya said she assumed her daughter wanted to practise driving and took the car without permission before it somehow ended up in the canal.

Police said Thursday that the three accused were actually the ones who “operated” the Nissan.

The second vehicle, a Lexus, which had been driving back to Montreal by the girls’ brother, has been linked to the crime scene, police said.

Investigators said it took three weeks to make the arrests because it was a “unique” case involving information coming in from overseas. Tanner confirmed that an email was received by police by someone who claimed to be a relative. He would not say if it was from Diba Masoomi, a woman living in Niort, France who claims to be the older woman’s sister. He said that would be revealed at a later date.

Three children aged 8 to 15 have been taken in child protection services in Montreal.

The three sisters were all born in Kabul, Afghanistan. Their family moved to Dubai in the 1990s and to Canada two years ago.

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7 Replies to “Family members charged with first-degree murder in Kingston canal deaths”

  1. May their souls rest in peace. Nobody has the right to take away another human life. “Honour Killing”, I mean they’re your flesh and blood!!!

  2. To All of You,

    Why is it that When a “MUSLIM” ends up killing their loved ones or whoever, you guys ALLLLLLL end up making it a big deal. That Muslims are this Muslims are that. (thats not to say what happened is wrong its completely against ISLAM, Killing some1 is against Islam”)

    However, in North America, you see Husbands Abusing their wife, Father’s Raping their own Daughters, Wife Murdering own Child, Husband murdering their whole Family? WHY WHY WHY? Why don’t you guys make an ISSUE out of this and then say Crappy things about Christians? Jews? Hindus?

    Why is it when a “Muslim” is involved its a very bad thing?

    Because its just PURE Racism against Islam and Muslims. To all of you whatever a Muslim person does is very wrong and a big issue but when some one else does the SAME thing its never a big deal


  3. Well Fari, i take it you are a muslim, or hindu , and that is why you somehow take this personally. To set you straight, if that was a car of white people, black people, yellow people or purple people, this case would have been just as strange, which is why the case was “such a big deal” to some people. Fact of the matter is that killing, let alone killing ones own family, it not acceptable from any race or religon in Canada, PERIOD. This case is not a big deal because the people were muslim, but simply because it was a mass murder of ones family and under wierd circumstances at that. As far as im concerned the most racist thing that has been said in this article or peoples coments is by you, isolating your race saying people are picking on muslims. Just because people recognize they are muslim doesnt mean they are saying the whole insident happened bc they were muslim.

    “STOP RACISM, HATRED, DISCRIMINATION”…it starts with you fari.

  4. Well Fari, because when a Christian Jew Hindu or frankly ANY non Muslim does it, it is a crime and an aberration to their religion and culture. In Islam its actually recommended. Only Islam endorses murder under as many circumstances as it does. Murdering women is not only common in Islamic nations but police as a rule do not even investigate as women are not technically even people in Islam. So yes we howl when Muslims do it because we are trying to bring attention to the fact that Islam is NOT miscible with western pluralistic democracy, which indeed it is not. You simply cannot have equal rights for women and Islam in the same jurisdiction.

    So again, when Christians murder their female relatives it is contrary to their religion, culture, history and values. When Muslims do it, they are obeying their Islamic precepts. Frankly, I cannot think of a more disgusting code of conduct than Islam short of perhaps communism. So please do not bother trying to make out that Muslims are the victims whenever a Muslim is caught doing something utterly horrifyingly monstrous in the name of Islam. I think we are all getting tired of that. You victimize everyone else, then claim victim status. To summarize in a few words, go fuck yourself.

  5. to Fari and others like you:
    We are talking specifically about honour killings not other killings however horrid they might be. People murdered, murder and will murder each other that is unfortunately inevitable, but killing someone just to maintain your own “honour” is simply inconceivable to a civilized mind. It is repulsive. There is no excuse for it. None whatsoever. Think about it.

  6. I second Eeyor’s brief summery: yes indeed go fuck yourself.

    This defensiveness and denial is a weak and intellectually fraudulent tactic used to keep abuse against Muslim women alive and twisted Islamic patriarchy at the forefront. It may or may not be true that the Quaran does not sanction such murders, but sharia, the man-made Islamist legal code does allow for the killing of women for the most minor of infractions. One only has to read a newspaper from anywhere in the world or go to sharia sites to glean examples of abuse by Muslims against fellow Muslims women.

    Islam seems obsessed with the sexuality of women with no shortage of mental phobias surrounding it. Women are deemed only as sexual triggers which ignite male passion; hence the burqua, no mingling, lowering of the gaze, etc. etc. As long as some Muslims believe that their family’s ‘honour’ and religion are bound by the virginity of women, gender apartheid, oppression and these specific, cruel murders will continue.

    Oh and by the way, please stop using the words racism and discrimination until you fully understand what they actually mean—brandishing them as a tool of distraction is insulting to the people who actually use the terms by their honest definition(s). The last time I checked, my Jewish husband didn’t conspire with me, his Catholic wife and our son, to murder our daughter for ‘dishonouring’ our family by befriending a Pakistani. The reason? we’re not bound by sharia. Get it fucking together; the world is sick of this.

  7. Fascinating case of projection up there. The free world, whose laws are based on Christianity, a well as Mosaic law, forbid murder, incest, and racism. Islam institutionalizes all of the above.

    Murder (Reliance of the Traveler, p. 583):
    “01.1 Retaliation is obligatory (A: if the person entitled wishes to take it (dis: o3.8)) against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right. (O: ‘Intentionally’ is a first restriction and excludes killing someone through an honest mistake, while ‘purely’ excludes a mistake made in a deliberate injury (def: o2.3)), and ‘without right’ excludes cases of justifiable homicide such as lawful retaliation.)
    [… kill all the Jews and Christians, blah blah…]
    01.2 The following are not subject to retaliation:
    (4) a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring, or offspring’s offspring.

    Besides feeling up his daughter, getting naked with is adopted son, purchasing his daughter-in-law as a whore, and raping his brain-damaged, six-year-old niece, Mo made it permissible to rape one’s daughters, sisters, and mother:

    “aya 2.223 of holy Quran.”

    “Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate) so go to your tilth as ye will”

    [Note: Allah uses the word “nisa” meaning “women“ and not wives (zawaj) as some apologists translate to hide the true intention of Allah to appease their western masters. Thus Allah says, your women are your properties and you can have sex with them in any way you want.]”

    Narrated Anas bin Malik:
    Allah’s Apostle said, “You should listen to and obey, your ruler even if he was an Ethiopian (black) slave whose head looks like a raisin.” (Sahih Bukhari Volume 9, Book 89, Number 256)Hadith; vol.9:162,163: Muhammad warned that dreams of black women meant disease was forthcoming. Black Muslims today are so uninformed that they don’t even understand that Muhammad had many black slaves and called them raisin heads (Hadith vol.1:662, vol.9:256)

    Oh, and only white people go to heaven

    STFU, Fari, you mentally-ill hypocrite.

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