David Horowitz tears Duke U a well deserved new orifice.

This is a bit old, 2007 I think. But if you have not seen it, get a drink and or a sandwich and settle down and watch this astonishing and daring lecture where Horowitz explains to Duke U what is wrong with it, and more courageously, who is wrong with it. I will post the Q&A session later today so check back for it, it is worth it. In the meantime enjoy this. I know it’s long but if only David had the time to go to all the universities especially perhaps Canadian ones and deliver this lecture exposing the various profs and their lack of credentials and not-so-hidden political agendas. This isn’t a speech so much as it is a spanking. A well deserved one.

Link: Horowitz tears Duke U a new one

Link: Horowitz Q and A
The perfect companion film for this lecture would be the documentary ‘Indoctrinate U. I highly recommend this excellent film.

Link: Indoctrinate U

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