A dhimmis guide to driving in England in Muslim area

Video from The Telegraph and Argus:

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From Bare Naked Islam:

Police are hunting four men who violently attacked a defenseless elderly couple in a “vicious and disgusting” road rage attack. The offenders in this case are described as Asian (MUSLIM).

Grandparents Christopher and Beryl Bell, of Undercliffe, Bradford, had been out shopping and were driving home when their car clipped the wing mirror of a black Audi A3 car.

Fearing the reaction of the driver and his three passengers, 65-year-old Mr Bell carried on but was tailgated by the Audi until he stopped in Pollard Lane, Undercliffe. Mr Bell, who takes 12 tablets a day for a heart condition, got out to speak to the driver but the four occupants became verbally abusive and started punching him on the head.

SEE: VIDEO HERE: Elderly couple attacked

Mrs Bell, aged 66, then got out of the vehicle and tried to persuade the young men to stop hitting her husband, but she too was punched in the face and ended up lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

Both were taken to hospital and Mrs Bell was unable to open her eyes for some time due to the pain in her face.

Mr Bell said: “I got out of the car and the driver got out of his car and we were set together. The other three got out of the car and punched me on my head a couple of times, one in the back. I turned round and I saw my wife on the floor – blood was gushing out of a cut in her nose and a big bump on her head and someone shouted ‘get the police’ and all of a sudden they have jumped in their car and off they went.”

Mrs Bell said: “I was scared but I just saw them all hitting him so I got out and tried to stop it and got punched in the face, then I was on the floor in a load of blood. “I wasn’t unconscious but my head was going round like I was in a daze.”

Detective Inspector Sean Duggan, of Bradford South Police, who yesterday revealed the details of the attack, said: This is a particularly violent attack on two vulnerable old people going about their daily business. Four people who are much younger than them and bigger in stature have got out of the vehicle and attacked them quite violently. UK TELEGRAPH & ARGUS

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4 Replies to “A dhimmis guide to driving in England in Muslim area”

  1. Four thuggish mahoundian scumbags beating up an elderly couple.

    Not too long ago, a middle-aged Brit whose last name is Towsley was verbally abused by about 18 such Mein-Qurampf-reading dirtbags; and his partially-blind, 14-year-old dog Snoopy was liked up in the air by two of them, before Mr Townsley himself was warned that they’d do the same to him.

    Here are Mr Paul Lucre’s own words from an article available at Pajamas Media, titled “Something’s Rotten in Rotterdam”: “Getting jumped by six Moroccans after I left a gay bar in Rotterdam a few weeks ago brought home — with brutal clarity — my feeling that this Dutch port city is a nervous place on the verge of breakdown.”
    “Everyone here walks around with a hair trigger. On a recent Sunday, a Moroccan man and his girlfriend walked past a group — including myself — that was smoking outside a gay bar. One Dutch gay man was briefly in the way of the girlfriend. The Moroccan spat on him. A brawl ensued. I kept my distance. Some of us, and the Moroccan, ran around the corner. I heard awful screams.

    An hour later, one of the gay men returned with a torn shirt and a stab wound. The Moroccan had run into a kebab shop yelling, and about A DOZEN MOROCCANS came out and attacked the gays with knives. The stab victim also had a long knife cut along his neck — slightly more pressure would have severed a major artery. The barman was nervous, fearing the Moroccans would return looking for trouble.”

    There you have it. I could dig up a few more examples of mahound-worshippers’ “standards of bravery”, but I suppose I’ve made my point about these mahound-emulating pussies (their prophet-pedophile was also a goddamn sissy who never had the guts to face an adult male in a one-on-one fight.)

  2. Why would he when what he had is clearly a winning strategy then as now. Maybe we need one. I recommend people start to think for themselves. No government on earth seems willing to defend individual non Muslim rights against immigrants always ready with violence and cries of racism.
    As individuals we are going to have to, not take the law into our own hands, but actually act on the law and the spirit of the laws in our own nations and be prepared to fight our own governments for doing so.

  3. That’s an excellent point, Eeyore. We’ve seen assorted dictators and those who preside over travesties of democracy in the 3rd world clearly speak about how they’d love to wrestle control over internet addresses and content away from ICANN, and hand it over to some outfit in the mold of the UN Human Rights Council. We can only imagine what those enemies of free speech would be able to do with that kind of power, since they’ve already set up a lot of barriers to the free use of the internet in their countries.

    In addition to that, the issue you’ve brought up about Western governments’ failure and/or deliberate unwillingness to protect their own citizens against mahoundian invaders and sharia-based encroachments on our human rights is just an example of the necessity for ordinary citizens to arm themselves. There was a time when I didn’t see the need for the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution for what it truly was. Today, there is just no way to avoid understanding its paramount importance and how much those who can’t count on that kind of legal protection, especially in Western Europe, sorely need something like that. Especially if their own governments, for the sake of appeasing/surrendering to mahoundians, turn against their citizens. And, needless to say, protecting citizens against tyrannical governments certainly is another purpose of the American 2nd Amendment.

  4. More Japanese youths causing trouble, eh? Disgraceful!

    This misuse of the English language really annoys the hell out of me. What’s the point of speaking in code? A newspaper is supposed to inform its readers about what is actually going on – not disguise the facts, by using descriptive terms so vague, they actually fail to describe the characters involved.

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