Muslims attacking East Indians in Australia?

[kaltura-widget wid=”2p30m7ffbk” width=”410″ height=”364″ addpermission=”3″ editpermission=”3″ /]When I first saw this story a few weeks ago I wondered why the media reporting was leaving out the ethnicity of the attackers. I was wondering why the public would be left to use their imagination as to why a bunch of white  Australian men were all of a sudden turning on Indian students. As usual the media is keeping the public misinformed by only reporting part of the story. Although this next story is more of the same it does tease us with some of the facts. So I will let the reader make up their own mind. Mine was about 90% made up 2 weeks ago. Today it is 99.9%.

from BBC


Police in Sydney, Australia, had to be called to Harris Park suburb on Monday night to quell an angry crowd, provoked by two new alleged attacks on Indians.

An Indian man in his 20s was allegedly set upon by a group of men of Middle Eastern appearance, and another Indian was injured in a separate attack. At least 200 Indian men then gathered, shouting demands for “justice”.

The latest incidents come after several attacks on Indians, which the government denies are racist.

2 Replies to “Muslims attacking East Indians in Australia?”

  1. This is absurd!
    In the days of the “cronulla riots” the australian authorities claimed it WAS rascist… where in reality the australian community simply stuck together and fought the libanese/paleostinian jihadi drugdealers and gangsters, who made beach life a living hell of harrassments and hostility.

    And now that these very same jihadi gangsters make the lives of innocent indians miserable they claim it is NOT!
    At what point can ignorance be called evil?

    Anyway here are two good videos about how “the palestinians still are the issue” – even down under

    The Gangs of Oz

    Truth about Cronulla Riots

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