For the second time in a month, Muslims attempt to mass poison girls for going to school.

I dare anyone to come up with a more evil act than this. Islam is some sick twisted shit and I lose patience with those who defend it or trick themseleves into moral relativism. Hat tip Grace:

From Canada’s National Post:

For more photos and info please also visit this link to the Telegraph UK

A doctor checks on female students in a hospital in Charikar, Afghanistan, May 11, 2009. Nearly 50 Afghan teenagers are in hospital after a mystery gas attack on a girls' school.Omar Sobhani/ReutersA doctor checks on female students in a hospital in Charikar, Afghanistan, May 11, 2009. Nearly 50 Afghan teenagers are in hospital after a mystery gas attack on a girls’ school.

CHARIKAR, Afghanistan — Nearly 50 teenagers were admitted to hospital after a suspected mass poisoning at an Afghan girls’ school, a doctor said on Monday, in the second such incident in a month.

The headmaster rushed his students out of their classrooms in the northern town of Charikar after they smelt an unusual odour and started feeling nauseous and dizzy, a 17-year-old victim told Reuters from her hospital bed.

“I am pretty sure whoever has done this is against education for girls, but I strongly ask the parents not to be discouraged by such brutal action and send their children to school,” said Noor Jahan, a ninth grader at Ura Jalili Girls’ High School.

In another room a mother sat beside her unconscious daughter’s bed, crying and rubbing the girl’s forehead. Around her lay several dazed and pale schoolmates.

“I was in a lesson when suddenly two classmates lost consciousness and collapsed,” said Nabila, a 21-year-old in one of the beds. Years of war and unrest mean children often finish school late in Afghanistan.

She said the room had filled with an odour like insecticide at around 11 a.m., and some girls started vomiting.

Police declined to comment.

The incident comes barely two weeks after a mystery poisoning at another girls’ school in the same town, which produced similar symptoms, although victims of the first incident said they did not remember an unusual smell.

There have been no clues as to the type of gas used in either case. Blood samples have been sent to the nearby U.S. Bagram airbase but results have not yet come back from the first incident.

Attacks on girls schools have increased in the past year, particularly in the east and south of the country, as a Taliban insurgency has gathered momentum. When the austere Islamists were in power in Kabul, they banned women from work and schools.

Forty-eight students were affected in the latest incident, although none were in critical condition, the head of the hospital told Reuters.

“This is a very serious issue not only for us but for all parents with children in school,” said Khalil Farhangi, a doctor.

Dozens of distraught parents gathered at the hospital and tried to push their way through a police cordon to check on their children.

“I want to see my daughter, I don’t know what condition she is in now,” said vegetable seller Noor Agha. “What will she do about education in the future, when her life is in danger?” the distraught father added.

Last year a group of schoolgirls in Kandahar had acid thrown in their faces by men who objected to them attending school.

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4 Replies to “For the second time in a month, Muslims attempt to mass poison girls for going to school.”

  1. There is no words to describe how disgusted and appaled i feel reading this article bout these girls in Afghanistan.
    – ‘Islam is some sick twisted shit’ – ?? Excuse me, why did you bring Islam into this, not all ‘muslims’ act in this way!
    The afgani men do this. Afgani MEN!
    This is why Muslims in the media are allways portrayed in THIS ‘Sick & Twisted’ way. When ignorant people such as youself bring the religion into things like this.

  2. Sultana it is not me who brings religion into this matter. It is the Taliban itself who consistently, each and every time, make it as clear as humanly possible, that it is ISLAM which forbids girls to learn more than Koran if anything at all. The Taliban is just orthodox, conservative, Islam as it was meant to be. Read Koran sometime. I bet you never have. Just sit down and read it.

    Once again, it is NOT me who links Islam with these sick wretched actions. It is Taliban and other Muslim groups like Al Queda. ANd the more Muslim a place gets, the more sharia law, and the more sharia law, the less rights for women. This is a fact. It has nothing to do with me.

  3. The fact is, you said Islam was sick & twisted.. How’d you expect me to react. What ? Conratulate you for it ? No, course not. Im agrivated.
    And Islam DOES NOT forbid girls to learn. I have no idea where you got that from. It’s actualy forbiden in Islam to disallow girl’s from education. Taliban men mix culture with religion, true muslims are disgusted by their actions!
    And as a matter of fact i have read the quran you silly person.
    And whatever you say, you will never understand becasue your not a muslim! Maybe YOU should sit down and read the Koran sometime and stop taking FAKE information from the internet, as im guessing you do.

  4. Actually I have read the Qu’oran and you know whats funny? Another Muslima gave me shit for that claiming “You don’t read the Koran you recite it.” Yes, she actually told me that I didn’t get it because one is never to read the thing because, as any good muslim knows, ‘thinking too much may damage your faith’ so one doesn’t read it, as you are to believe its infallible BEFORE you read it. Something only the religious can manage.

    In any case, Mohammed in many places within Koran and the hadiths is clear that its better if women do not even go to the mosque as they negate the prayers of the men. Moe was all about the math. A prayer in this mosque is worth 10X the prayers in this other mosque etc. And women in most cases negate the prayers of men so they are discouraged from attending mosque according to Koran etc. But they certainly are not supposed to attend schools.
    Are you also going to deny that the testimony of a woman is worth half a mans? In practice far far less than half but in Koran half. Will you also deny that women are only to get half the inheritance of the man according to the sharia? Shall I go on? Are men allowed to have 4 wives but women can never have more than the husband picked for her? (In many cases) Please watch this well known Koranic scholar, one who I believe just spoke by teleprompter to an audience of over 10,000 Muslims who paid to hear him in Toronto Canada this very weekend. Enjoy!

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