Muslim and leftist thugs take over French grocery store

This is much more serious than it may appear without thought. Firstly, this group appears to be stealing goods from a large store. This will make for a successful campaign against Israeli products if the local authorities, police and so on, do nothing to stop these acts of theft and extortion.

if this campaign is successful, and we have every reason to think it will be; groups of thugs will continue to dictate policy to governments and private sectors alike. Let me be as clear as I humanly can be….

This is not about Israel. This is about Islamists and leftists who use fear theft terrorism and extortion to set policy for private as well as public sectors. If Israel and Jewish owned businesses where to disappear off the map tomorrow the next target will be Americans and anyone who Muslims feel is insufficiently submitting to Islam.

History shows this to be a constant. Do not let the lack of violence fool you. This is an important event.

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7 Replies to “Muslim and leftist thugs take over French grocery store”

  1. When asked if fascism could ever come to America, Huey Long (the Depression-era governor of Louisiana) replied, “Sure, only here they’ll call it anti-fascism.”

  2. I just had to laugh when I saw them pulling produce off the shelves, and yelling “this is from stolen land”. When Israel ceded Gaza to the “palestinians”, included in the deal were several large greenhouses which were abandoned by the Israelis. Did the Gazan palis use these greenhouses to grow Clementines of their own? NO! They trashed the greenhouses instead!

    If I ever see this happening in a store here in the US, I will load up my cart with every item they pull off the shelves and head straight to checkout!

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