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5 Replies to “Full movie from Pro Koln with english titles. ‘German Fitna’”

  1. This CNN interviewer is a complete moran, and Geert Wilders is a hero. Unfortunately, most Europeans have the attitude of the CNN wimp.

  2. My thoughts to all Europeans: Do not give these muslims a finger as they will want the 10 soon after.They are an insidious group whose object is to replace the Judaeo Christian religions with their own, using violence,lies,etc. to achieve it Look what happened to the great civilizations of Persia and Egypt after they were invaded by the muslims. After 2 years these civilizations were destroyed by these imbecils (from another world). Darfur modern example of what happens under muslim rule. Want the true picture? read Stealth Jihad by R.Spencer. Islam only destroys,and does not construct. Results:poverty,illiteracy,rule by despots,etc

  3. We should all try to go to Koln on May 9th & support this historic event. And I hope the Pro-Koln movement will invite invite Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Robert Spencer and Father Zakaria too.

    This is the kind of brave movement that might just save Europe!

    I’m going….and I’m bringing my camcorder!

    ~ The Infidel Alliance

  4. The Infidel Alliance: Perhaps you should really form an alliance; I’d be the first to join. I’m sure that thousands more would as well. We need a grass roots organization to thwart the advances of Islam. As individuals we feel helpless when our govenments are more concerned with appeasing Islam that they are about the protection and well being of their own citizens.

    Lately I’ve bee looking into ACT (American Congress for Truth), President & Founder Brigitte Gabriel. There needs to be an International version of this, and soon!

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