7000 show up to protest tennis match.

Who knew radical Islam and the far left cared this much about tennis?

The first video shows Muslims marching in Malmo chanting something about Jews and a historical event where the followers of Mohamed slaughtered all of them. Posting from GAR

There are clearly yelling a chant about Jews and Khaybar – the battle between Muhammad and the Jews in 629. Does anybody have an exact translation?

Dozens of anti-Israel activists clashed with

police Saturday as they tried to storm a closed arena where Sweden and Israel were playing a Davis Cup tennis


Protesters carrying...

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From the Jerusalem Post

Protesters carrying Palestinian flags gather in central Malmo, Sweden, Saturday.
Photo: AP

The activists hurled rocks and firecrackers at police vans as they tried to break through the barricades set up to keep protesters from the arena. Hundreds of riot

police pushed them back using truncheons.

There were no immediate reports of injuries. At least five people were detained,

police spokesman Lars Hakan Lindholm said.

The clashes erupted after about 7,000 people gathered at a square in downtown Malmo to hear speeches condemning Israel’s operation in Gaza and urging support for Palestinians.

Organizers of the “stop the

match” protest had said the demonstration would be peaceful, but extreme-left activists had vowed to disrupt the

match, which is being played without fans in Malmo.

Sweden’s Left Party leader Lars Ohly told the crowd that the European Union and the rest of the world should “boycott the racist regime in Israel.”

The protesters then marched toward the Baltic Hall arena, where some of them attacked the

police line with eggs, rocks and firecrackers.

The doubles match between Sweden and Israel started as planned before about 300 special guests invited by the two countries’ tennis federations. About 1,000

police from southern Sweden were deployed in Malmo to keep the protesters from entering the arena.

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  1. Criminals vandalize property and no action taken by police. Once again the question is “why is nothing done when these criminals are Muslims or speaking against Jews?” Somehow I doubt the police in Sweden or Britain will ever give anyone the truthful answer.

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