Thank you Muslim protesters.

I would like to take a minute and profoundly thank the multitudes of screaming genocidal Muslim protesters who have graced the streets of the civilized world from Canada Europe and beyond since the start of Israel’s retaliation to Gazanian missiles. You bring me huge relief. I really mean this. You do for me what I could never do if I wrote day and night seven days a week attempting to expose the true nature of Islam.

The greatest threat to civilization is the ‘soft Jihad’. The subtle infiltration of institutions of state such as the CBC in Canada or the various human rights commissions or the NDP as has been suggested by Tarek Fatah and other non terrorist Muslims who have been trying to ring the alarm bells in Canada for some time to the threat of more orthodox Islam. This soft jihad has been so effective that the left and center in Canada as well as most European nations have done everything they can to assist the Islamification of the west even including the intolerance of non Muslims hatred of Israel and jews and loss of rights of non Muslims in some ways which is central to Islam yet anathema to Europe’s traditional left.

However the chanting of “gas the jews” in Holland or, “What you need is a bog oven, all the Jews need to be in a big oven” in Florida and similar chants in protests all over the world may actually help wake enough people up to the true nature of Islam that we may beat you. Yes its hard to believe that all the acts of terrorism, the most horrifying that your imaginations are capable of has not done the job for us but it has helped. In this photo from Toronto below I see three flags together. India Canada and Israel. Victimization clearly has drawn India into the fold. They will be a powerful ally once the infidel world wakes up.

So keep chanting Death to Jews and ‘We will rape your bitches’and by all means march everywhere and everywhen you can. I cannot wake up the people of the world to the threat of Islam alone. I need your help.

Below is an article as a comment on Right Girl’s post about the protest in Toronto. I hope the person who published this comment does not mind me republishing it here but I really feel it needs to be seen especially by any Canadians who think this is some kind of far away problem.

  1. Hi Wendy, sorry I didn’t see you when you left. Things got a little confusing as I didn’t know that they were going to parade up Yonge St. to Bloor and across to Avenue Road. When they started to pour out of Dundas Square into the street, the police started to have us move west on Dundas as a group. After we turned north on Bay someone told me that we we headed for the Israeli consulate and a few blocks later I learned where that was. The police were with us on their bicycles and told us they wanted us to get to the consulate first so that we could be in position before the demonstrators got there.

    Many others had left so by the time we got there, we were less than one hundred in size. There was a set of actual barricades (not just the bicycles at Yonge and Dundas) at the north curb and another at the centre line of Bloor. It was about 15 or 20 minutes before the first demonstrators arrived and the police were standing between the two sets and all the mounted police were also there with horses and their riot shields across the horses eyes. I don’t know how they acted on their trip up Yonge and across Bloor but when they arrived and saw us all there they were really riled up. One muslim leader was between the barriers with the police trying to get the worst of the young men to calm down, to no avail.

    There were as you know a couple of Hindus with us due to the recent terrorism in Mumbai. It’s time that all non-muslim people in Canada start to get the message whether they follow any religion or not. There were many cries of DEATH TO ALL INFIDELS, ALL INFIDELS MUST DIE. One was grabbing his crotch and thrusting the stick and his sign between his legs shouting WE’LL RAPE ALL YOU(R) BITCHES! There should have been many charges laid under section 319(2) of the Criminal Code. Not only did the police not charge anyone, about 15 minutes after the demonstrators arrived our group started to move around the corner to the west side of Avenue Road. I asked why we were leaving and was told that the police had asked us to move as they were beginning to believe that if the barricades broke they couldn’t protect us so they asked us to move along. As I rounded the corner I could see all the muslims crawling all over the property of the church on the north-east corner of Bloor and Avenue Road. The traffic southbound had been stopped at Cumberland and we were escorted across Avenue Road and headed east with all the traffic on Cumberland to Bay St. By this time I realized we were really stretched out due to sidewalk construction and that we had absolutely no police escort. Not very good keeping their motto to serve and protect.

    I also didn’t know their permit included heading south to the U.S. consulate to burn flags. I believe it’s also time for Canadians to realize that they have to stop the anti American rhetoric towards our (and their) largest trading partner, neighbour and best friend, and allie through two world wars. It seems to me that the lesson of Neville Chamberlin and appeasement have been forgotten.

    Take care and may God bless you.


    Comment by Man with Hat — January 5, 2009 @ 12:01 a

  2. Thank you Man with hat. I wonder why we didn’t see these reports by any paid journalists. Oh yeah cause its illegal. They would be brought up on hate crimes charges for reporting facts which Muslims would find casts them in a bad light or they as likely would be threatened with death. I guess its up to the blogosphere to actually inform people of the facts and events which shape our times.


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