video on genocide in Sudan. More than just Islam, its Arab supremacism.

I have written before on Vlad Tepes that there is more at work often then just mere Islamic manifest destiny. In Sudan Muslims are being slaughtered in numbers to large to count at the speed it is taking place. This all by Arab Muslims who are indifferent to the religion of its victims. But as the outgoing UN ambassador from Israel said .. “When Christians kill Muslims its a crusade. When Jews kill Muslims its a massacre. When Muslims kill Muslims it’s the weather channel”
[kaltura-widget wid=”c94v87d2mo” width=”410″ height=”364″ addpermission=”3″ editpermission=”3″ /] Here is another article on Sudan from Vlad. Also a google search of ‘Arab Muslims murder black Muslims in Sudan’ may give some startling results.

Here is the original URL for this video

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  1. When Muslims kill “infidels” and each other as the Sunni Muslims are killing Shiite Muslims, and Shiite Muslims are killing Sunni Muslims at present, it is Muslims paracticing their Islamic religion. Proof taken from The Muslim War Manual, the Qur’an: “Slay the disbelievers wherever you find them,” (Sura 2 Verse 191).

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