A series of articles about the UK. What has happened to our Mother Britain?

Here are some tragic examples of utter cultural suicide. From the seemingly innocuous such as the renaming of some British pubs, some of which are centuries old so as not to offend their new Muslim overlords to the stripping of rights hard won over centuries of sacrifice in blood against tyranny.

First, a truly unbelievable bit of news brought to us by the Opinionator.

“There is an ongoing, concerted and documented History of Jihad against British customs and people laying the foundation for Eurabia. Even patriotic parades and bingo halls have fallen under the cutting blade of political correctness that is intent on wiping out any semblence of the indigenous British culture and cohesiveness.”

This is more serious than it appears. This is part of Islam’s war on history itself. In parts of Israel which are ruled by Muslims there are archaeological digs taking place where all artifacts recovered are destroyed in order to eliminate evidence that Jews where ever there. Islam using ‘offense’ to try and change British culture is no different as the destruction of Christian symbols in a recently discovered 4th century church in Saudi Arabia.

This is one of the fronts of Jihad. terror being one, finance another as in sharia banking and cultural jihad where political correctness is used to change any aspects of a host culture which is claimed to be offensive to Islam. This ends up in essence enforcing Sharia law on all nations where a minority of Muslims wield enough influence.

Then, as previously posted on Vlad, we have the dramatic rise of forced marriages in the UK by Muslim families contracting their daughters to marriages often to first cousins back in the home country and through family reunification programs we see a growing influence of rural fundamentalist Muslims coming in to the UK and exacerbating the problem but equally important is the diminishing principle of personhood of women in England.

A 21st birthday party was disrupted by ‘Asians’ (Brit speak for Muslims) wielding machetes. Birthday parties are haram (forbidden) in Islam.

Guests hurt in fracas at 21st birthday party

Published Date: 17 November 2008

A TWENTY FIRST birthday party at Nelson Cricket Club ended in three people needing hospital treatment after a group of uninvited men of Asian-heritage appearance turned up with weapons.

Two men were arrested and later released on police bail following the disturbance at the Seedhill club at 11 p.m. on Friday. Snooker cues were recovered by police and witnesses reported seeing a machete at the scene.

One man from the 100-guest party sustained nasty cuts to the head that required stitches, another had a suspected broken hand and a third suffered bruising.


There have been many stories about Islamic indoctrination of school kids across Europe. Of course we tend to notice the ones that meet two conditions. 1. the story is in English, so we mostly see stuff about English speaking nations and 2. stories where the mass media is actually allowed to publish. This piece is no exception so of course its a fluff bit making it look charming and like a field trip to some National Geographic cultural zoo. I dare these schools who send kids to Mosques to be Islamasized bring an adult or two to ask the important question about the faith and its customs instead of throwing candy at them.

One last one also from The Opinionator on the epidemic of rape by Muslims on non Muslim British women.

Sharia finance seems innocuous enough on the surface. Here is a tiny bit of what you may not know and some of the extent to which it is infiltrating the UK

Click the England categories tab on this blog and read back. History isn’t just changing its course. Its being entirely re written.

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