The Congregation of Jihad

From Canada Free Press


Last year the Riverdale Jewish Center made headlines by accommodating a female Muslim exchange student’s need for a prayer space during school hours. As Rabbi Rosenblatt described it, “We’re just helping to welcome somebody’s child from overseas,” an announcement that was greeted by loud applause in his congregation.

King Solomon said in Kohelet, “Cast your bread upon the waters and it will return to you after many days.”

It took only a few months for the “bread” to return with a Muslim plot to bomb the Riverdale Jewish Center. Since no good deed done for Muslims goes unpunished, while the Rabbi and congregants of the Riverdale Jewish Center were congratulating themselves on their tolerance and open-mindedness, their eagerness to throw open the doors of their house of prayer to an enemy, their friendly neighborhood Muslims were plotting to kill and destroy. Continue Reading →