Petition to the Dutch Government objecting to the prosecution of Geert Wilders.

As many of you already know the Dutch Government has seen fit to reverse a previous decision to not persecute Geert Wilders for speaking out against the destruction of liberal secular Dutch values by an increasingly powerful Islamic presence within Holland.

I have not blogged anything about this as there is so much good information all over the net on Gates of Vienna for example and elsewhere. I will however post the link to the petition so as many people can sign it as easily as possible. Please have a look and consider this one small action of civil disobedience. The Dutch Government and by proxy all governments really need to understand that the people of the world or at least many of us, take freedom of speech very seriously even if we do not agree with it but for the love of (insert god of choice) especially when we do.

From the venerable Gates of Vienna…

“I Will Not Stand Trial Alone”

by Baron Bodissey

There’s one thing you can say about the Dutch political establishment: it is thoroughly immune to irony.

The images of burning cars and firebombed synagogues have barely faded from the TV screens of the Netherlands.

The cries of “Heil Hitler!” and “Jews to the gas!” that mingled with “Allahu akhbar!” are still echoing in the glass-strewn streets.

Yet Geert Wilders — who speaks out against these barbaric forces, and proposes to halt the Islamization of his country in order to put a stop to them — is the one who is being prosecuted for “hate speech”.

The true heirs of National Socialism rage unimpeded through the streets of Europe, while Geert Wilders is the one who “incites hatred” and “insults groups of people”.

Go figure.

According to Elsevier, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

Wilders: Court decision is an assault on free speech

By Claudia van Zanten

The PVV leader said he was deeply affected by the ruling of the court in Amsterdam. The court decided Wednesday to prosecute PVV leader Geert Wilders for “discrimination, incitement to hatred, and insulting groups of people.”

“This is apparently is the way the Netherlands sticks together. If you give your opinion, you run the risk of being prosecuted. Taking part in the public debate has become a dangerous activity,” Wilders said in a response.

Islamization of the Netherlands

“If I have to stand trial, I will not be alone, stand trial alone, but also with the hundreds of thousands of Dutch people who reject the Islamization of the Netherlands,” says the PVV leader.

“Their opinion is only represented in The Hague [parliament] by the Party for Freedom. Who else will stand for our culture when I have to remain silent? This strengthens me in these harsh days,” he continues.

Wilders is worried of the costs of the court case. “We depend on small donations. The PVV is the only party that is not conditional on making itself dependent on subsidies. The ruling of the Court will endanger the survival of the Party for Freedom. The hundreds of thousands we will loose on the costs are impossible for us to afford.”

“A Black Day”

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