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9 Replies to “An interview with Tatjana Festerling”

    • And the old ones. NAZI stands for National Socialist Workers Party. They only got called “right wing” once the public started to catch on to how evil they are.

      Watch a Hitler speech sometime. It was all about socialism.

  1. Tatjana Festerling is a very brave woman. I’m sad to hear she has split from Pegida: together they were very strong. I hope she survives the Onslaught of Stasi-Merkel & Nazi Left & Lügenpresse. She looks tired but we have only the smallest inkling of the evil forces that try to silence her.

    • I pray that if the worst case scenario plays out in Europe she finds a safe haven over seas where she and others like can form a government in exile to help the nations that remain free fight against the Islamic Conquest and the Leftist Domination.

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