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7 Replies to “Tatjana Festerling on Polish Media”

  1. I am afraid that she is right, the time for a political solution has probably passed and will not come around for many years. I don’t want revolutions/civil wars because I know how many ways totalitarians can take them over and destroy the people who are fighting for freedom but I am afraid that this is rapidly becoming the only solution. She says she sees partitation as the only solution, by which I hope she means the EU is broken up and the individual nations regain their sovereignty. I see the wars breaking out in all Western European nations and in North America.

    The left has been working to destroy Western Civilization for well over a Century, they know that as long as even one Western nation remains free their dream of a one world neo feudal socialist government is impossible. As long as one nation remains as a bright shining example of what free people can do the rest of humanity will continue to strive for freedom. Freedom is what we must strive to maintain or regain, as long as we are free we can rebuild civilization but once freedom is lost everywhere it will be a long time before we can regain what we have lost.

    • I don’t want revolutions/civil wars because I know how many ways totalitarians can take them over and destroy the people who are fighting for freedom but I am afraid that this is rapidly becoming the only solution.

      I agree in all respects. Herein lies yet another morbid similarity between Liberalism and Islam. Neither of these murderous cults has any reluctance about pushing matters to the point where massive bloodshed becomes the only option. Islam is quite famous for cowing its opponents by obliging them to respond with levels of barbarity and savagery that are so repugnant such that surrender becomes an appealing option (but only before they discover the endless horrors and calamities of dhimmitude).

      She says she sees partition as the only solution, by which I hope she means the EU is broken up and the individual nations regain their sovereignty.

      Quite possibly. Still, however desirable that may appear, a multinational “Brexit” easily could be nowhere enough to ameliorate this situation. I suggest that you please read through the comments at Gates of Vienna which pertain to this exact same subject.

      An example:

      Germany needs to break up into smaller countries, as do most countries in the world. The reason would not be to limit German power, but to shrink the governments so they once again are not too large to focus on the individual citizen. Also, smaller countries limit the damage of dictators like Merkel or the de facto dictator of Sweden. No matter how badly Sweden deteriorates, and it is pretty bad, it does not necessarily affect Norway and Denmark as long as secure borders are maintained.

      For quite some time I have maintained that Germany’s reunification was one of the best things that has happened to post-WWII Europe. My only rationalization for this tremendous mistake is how impossible it was for anybody to anticipate the arrival of someone so insanely poisonous as Angela Merkel. As one participant (i.e., Spencerc) at Gates of Vienna put it, “Merkel the worst European leader since Hitler.

      • For your dining and dancing pleasure, below is my reply to Spencerc at Gates of Vienna:

        “Merkel the worst European leader since Hitler.”

        Too right!!! Difficult to imagine but impossible to deny.

        Merkel’s “open door” policy—more like Fjordman’s, “a candy store with the busted lock“—will most likely precipitate a European “Muslim holocaust” which might have been totally avoidable in the absence of such deluded, diversity-based Multicultural dogma.

        Far worse is the almost unavoidable prospect of watching these same irrational EU “immigration” policies remain in effect long enough until jihadist atrocities finally transcend whatever limits of global patience there are such that an ultimate “tipping point” is reached.

        The end result will be that several hundred million Muslims are NEEDLESSLY vaporized in nuclear plasma. All because of their collective silence, abject refusal to protest, or simple avoidance of self-imposed consequences (related to widely-accepted, unprotested, and immutable Islamic doctrine).

        It is this acquiescence that (tacitly or overtly) will permit jihadist elements to trespass into the realm of such abhorrent and repulsive mass-slaughter to where simply annihilation becomes an imminently reasonable alternative.

        Appeasing and spineless Western politicians like BHO and Angela Merkel will have much of this blood upon their hands. While not as much as Islam’s intransigent, apocalyptic, and genocidal “leadership”, these same Liberal and Socialist jellyfish will bear a not-insignificant share of blame for the looming “Muslim holocaust”.

        May all of them rot in everlasting, incendiary, tortuous perdition for their shameless collusion in this utterly avoidable catastrophe.

  2. The unspoken but indisputable message that Tatjana Festerling was transmitting, although cloaked in, “I don’t believe in a political solution any longer” is, “Violent measures are the only ones with any hope of working.” For the public expression of which she would be thrown directly into jail, and not just Facebook’s paltry electronic Coventry. (Just as has repeatedly been done to me at other online forums.)

    In this respect, Festerling is correct. So much of Europe (Sweden, France and Britain in particular) are sliding past the proverbial “tipping point”, even as I type these very words. Too soon, their people’s only options will be demographic displacement and living under sharia law, or a mass uprising against government and “immigrants” alike.

    Of particular note is how crucial it remains for these events to begin immediately. Soon enough, all across Europe, members of the military will be court-martialed—either for resisting orders to act against their indigenous populations or for expressing anti-immigration sentiments themselves. Particularly once their own children start getting gang-raped by groomers or slaughtered at some public gathering.

    Once this propagandistic lid has been clamped down upon these respective militaries, there will be little hope of help from any of them. By that time, the powers-that-be will have guaranteed loss of income or (future) employment, termination of whatever social benefits, and even losing custody of one’s own children as the penalty for opposing “diversity”, “immigration”, and “Multiculturalist” dogma.

    Witness recent attempts to form an EU “army”. This multinational force will have far less in the way of any compunction about oppressing a specific country’s own native population. If anything, Brussels will open recruitment to the “immigrants” and (much as with America’s CitizenPath program) lard this collective military’s ranks with those who hate all native Europeans on sight.

    As the old joke saying goes, “Before things get worse, they’re going to have to get a whole lot more worse.” Look for things to a helluva lot worse to happen before there’s any “light at the end of the tunnel”. And even then, it still might be an oncoming train. Yes, it’s that bad, especially in Europe.

    Never before in modern history has the line between parody and satire (much less virtue and dogma) been so indistinguishable.

    • First on the break up of the European nations into smaller nations, I have predicted this but still don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, We are seeing the raise of ancient empires (OK the Ottoman Empire was broken up about a Century ago). The Persian Empire, The Ottoman Empire, The Russian Empire and The Chinese Empire is once more looking to expand. One or more of these Empires are going to last a Century or two and be expansionist in nature. The strength of the West has always been a loose coalition of nations most of which were big enough to field credible armies. Europe with many small nations wouldn’t have the same military might. (OK they don’t have it now but the potential is still there). They were admitting that some of the small nations would be Islamic, without a large credible threat against these nations they would turn expansionist start trying to create their own Islamic Empire in Europe. A more probably future will one where one or more European nations find their Cromwell and Charles Martel’s who will lead an alliance against the Islamic Invasion. You said her statements about the time for a peaceful resolution was nearing its end was double speak for violent revolution. I agree it was and I was doing the same, I don’t want to get Eeyore and to a lesser degree myself in trouble by calling for a violent revolution, even when I think that the time for one to start was a couple of years ago. No Western European nations is still European or still belongs to the native Europeans. Force of arms is the only way they can be liberated from the Islamic invaders and the Treasonous politicians. Hopefully the revolutions will be conservative ones that are seeking to restore rights and freedom rather then liberal ones that seek to create group rights by taking away individual rights and freedom. Either way the war shakes out in the short run we will not lose our high tech and that tech is why Europe has a chance. The Ghost Gun Machines (small computer controlled milling machines) are capable of making all o the parts for a firearm and with a larger milling machine this includes the barrels for firles and SAWS. The plans for thiese machines are on the net and can be downloaded by anyone, I would advise not using your normal computer of internet provider to avoid leaving tracks back to your house. The 3D printers and print the receivers for an AR15 that will stand up to being fired several thousand times, as well as printing magazines for the Armilite designed weapons. That and othr high tech will remain and will probably be improved on during the coming chaos.

      • USA residents can make their own AR-15 lower receivers by casting them out of resin in their own homes. Have casting parties with your friends and children to turn them into armed citizens equipped with militia weapons – the nightmare of all gun controllers. The more you make, the cheaper per unit!


  3. The visible anguish of TFesterling sends deep sorrow and an indescribable inner churning in my soul.
    I weep for her and pray that God will pour out His Spirit in a powerful wave to waken Germans, Frenchman and others to the peril they face — and grant them the wisdom, boldness, and courage to force political change before the extreme trials facing them now are soon eclipsed by unimaginable horrors.

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