Four minutes of truth by Dr. Roger Hodkinson


Once or twice I mistakenly said that Dr. Hodkinson had endorsed MERCOLA who has now gone to a form of viewer based distribution for his videos. I was misremembering what Dr. Hodkinson said in this interview.

In fact he was endorsing The Fat Emperor has having solid science and due diligence. NOT Dr. Mercola.

Roger Hodkinson’s views on Mercola are his to say.

Dr. Hodkinson on the legal attacks on Peter McCullough for speaking out against the Vaxx/Covid narrative

In this interview, Dr. Hodkinson focuses on the pressure being applied on Dr. Peter McCullough for his brave stance for medical truth. Both in terms of effective treatments for Covid19, and in terms of exposing the lack of informed consent in terms of taking the new mRNA injections. To put it at its very mildest.

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