Four minutes of truth by Dr. Roger Hodkinson


Once or twice I mistakenly said that Dr. Hodkinson had endorsed MERCOLA who has now gone to a form of viewer based distribution for his videos. I was misremembering what Dr. Hodkinson said in this interview.

In fact he was endorsing The Fat Emperor has having solid science and due diligence. NOT Dr. Mercola.

Roger Hodkinson’s views on Mercola are his to say.

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4 Replies to “Four minutes of truth by Dr. Roger Hodkinson”

  1. He’s so right, get used to it.
    What are they all so afraid of anyways?

    We’re born astride a Grave, live your Life knowing that, and you live your Life.

    No fancy Academentia Degree needed for that little piece of wisdom.

    And for those that need this a little bit more academented;


  2. About the fear, I fully agree. That fear was propagated by MSM that broadcast the fake video clips coming out of China at a very opportune time, that of the USA election and a significantly receding CCP economy.

    And thus, Influenza became a weapon of mass destruction.

  3. Recently an acquaintance said in conversation that she could not bring herself to invest heavily in gold or silver. I got the impression that it seemed too outlandish an idea, a little absurd.

    Thinking about our conversation later I imagined I was in Europe or China two or three hundred years ago offering a stranger a piece of ornate paper in exchange for his silver and gold coin. “It’s good,” I say, “really very good!”

    He would look at me like I am crazy and dismiss me with a wave of his hand.

  4. Dr H”s 4 minute video: This is by far one of the best interviews for the masses. Very short but chalked full of crucial information. Suitable for the whole world.

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