Dr. Mike Yeadon new video with Dr. Paul Alexander

There is a lot of new material here, and a few revelations as well. It is not the same material we are used to. This is some new thinking and perspectives on the entire issue and how it fits into the current paradigm. When listening, let’s remember Dr. Yeadon was VP of Pfizer for research. Specifically vaccines if I recall correctly.

This was sent to me by a friend who got it from Paul Alexander’s Telegram channel. One assumes Dr. Alexander felt this video was too hot for YouTube but as far as I can tell so far, it’s probably OK on the platforms we use. Looking forward to the comments on this one.


Below I have added interviews we did with a Swedish doctor and nurse, Jon Tallinger, who blew the whistle on murdering the elderly with Covid or the Flu or whatever, using end of life drugs, Midazolam and morphine. This substantiates the statements of Dr. Yeadon at 27 minutes. The following two interviews were made in or before April of 2020.

Final warning to humanity from former Pfizer VP, Mike Yeadon

I know I posted this before. Its from at least May or earlier as the upload date on this copy is May 16, 2021, so we probably posted it around then. Watching it again with what I have learned since, it makes more sense and seems more reasonable since hospitals started firing a serious percentage of their total medical staff allegedly during a pandemic. Which makes as much sense as firing the bucket handlers on a leaky boat. Dr. Yeadon makes more sense now. Covid policies like firing medical staff does not.

Watch it again and see if it makes more sense now than it did.

Dr. Mike Yeadon message from August 2021

Johnny U. sent this in with a Bitchute link, but try as I might, I couldn’t get it to play. So I copied it to 3Speak. I hope the originating site doesn’t mind.

This is a pretty solid science based explanation of why these mRNA devices should not be used until and unless they are properly tested at least as much as they would even with a new drug or vaccine with a conventional technology, let alone a brand new technology altogether.

He also makes lite of the term, “Operation Warp Speed” pointing out that Warp speed is a star trek term, it doesn’t exist, and really what it meant was skipping steps to approval that should not have been skipped and creating the illusion that the process for drug approval had been speeded up.

As much as I like Donald Trump for president and all things being as they are, will support him should he run again, I do think that was a mistake. Even though he likely was pressured into it. You cannot produce a 3 or 5 year safety report in a few months by skipping the step that makes one.

A few excerpts from the former VP of Pfizer, Michael Yeadon

These are short excerpts of Dr. Michael Yeadon which are very very uncomfortable. They are taken from his May 2 interview posted on this site earlier today, and on Bitchute. They are being presented here without comment or judgement.

Clip 1: Any doctor who administers these gene therapy drugs without explaining to patients that none have been approved by medical agencies anywhere except under emergency measures, should face a Nuremberg trials round II:

First reference to using passports and vaccine variant top ups for mass depopulation

Second reference:

Michael Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer from October 28, 2020

I notice that these interviews are disappearing from Youtube and other narrative forcing corporations. This was grabbed by us on October 28, 2020 and restored here on April 27, 2021

Micheal Yeadon was VP of Pfizer, and chief scientist for respiratory and allergy issues, if memory serves.