Final warning to humanity from former Pfizer VP, Mike Yeadon

I know I posted this before. Its from at least May or earlier as the upload date on this copy is May 16, 2021, so we probably posted it around then. Watching it again with what I have learned since, it makes more sense and seems more reasonable since hospitals started firing a serious percentage of their total medical staff allegedly during a pandemic. Which makes as much sense as firing the bucket handlers on a leaky boat. Dr. Yeadon makes more sense now. Covid policies like firing medical staff does not.

Watch it again and see if it makes more sense now than it did.

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6 Replies to “Final warning to humanity from former Pfizer VP, Mike Yeadon”

  1. Of course this is very credible.
    Can you have your blood tested for T cell activity? I was sick as a dead dog. Dec 2019- all of Jan 2020.

  2. I’ve seen this monologue several times and it is more urgent each time I watch.
    I’ve shared it to the usual sites but very little response.
    Great to see it on here again.

  3. Thank you Dr. Yeadon for your clear and detailed expose’ of the Crimes Against Humanity that are playing out across the world. Thank you for taking a stand. Be strong of heart because you are not alone. None of this made any sense to my understanding of history and science and following what has been going on via nefarious efforts of the NWO, applying my critical thinking abilities, I have resisted any and all efforts to limit my freedoms. When it comes to the jab, I will not comply. I appreciate you.

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