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9 Replies to “Magnificent call-out of MSM by Dr. Michael Yeadon”

  1. “Former Pfizer VP: ‘Eugenicists Have Got Hold Of The Levers Of Power’”
    Post By” Mike Whitney via Mercola – April 28, 2021

    In The Tempest, William Shakespeare wrote, “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” Eugenics on any scale is evil, but a global eugenics program is simply inconceivable, and yet it is a possibility that must be urgently discussed and neutralized before irreparable damage is done to the earth’s population. ? TN Editor

    • Vitamin D + for Prophylaxis
      Vitamin D for long haulers?

      The FLCCC Weekly Update, for June 16, 2021—The I-RECOVER Protocol for Long Haul Covid Syndrome—
      FLCCC Weekly Update – June 17, 2021
      **Dr. Mobeen Syed Vit. D & Long Haulers @ 38:31 – 39:46

      • One of the points missed here is that in cold climates or winter Vit D levels drop in all races but especially blacks and that IFF you have a lower than normal Vit D level then you are at a greater risk and not just from CV19 but any health challenge. As a result of many reasons I was “locked” indoors for several years after spending much of my life in sunlight. and IIRC my Vit D level was 7, far below normal.
        All patients in similar situations , e.g., nursing homes, especially if black, probably have very low Vit D levels and hence the Cv death rate there.
        Excessive Vit D (unlike Vit C) can be dangerous(^ risk kidney calculi) but it seems that many “experts” are ignoring the fact that many of those who died had such low level before being exposed to the disease.

  2. – BORIS JOHNSON suddenly understands that C-19 is like the Flu –

    * Freedom is in YOUR hands: As Boris Johnson prepares to unveil July 19 blueprint for ending lockdown curbs, he declares it’s time to live with Covid as we do flu… and let Britons use their own judgment *

    – Boris Johnson is to declare it is time to restore freedoms and argue that we must learn to live with Covid
    – Confirming a bonfire of virus rules on July 19, he will say individuals will judge the risks for themselves
    – One-metre plus edict and the work from home order will be dropped, with mask wearing no longer mandatory
    – Pubs and other venues will not have to collect customer details and will again be able to serve drinks at bar
    – Cabinet’s Covid committee will meet to finalise the plans for the final step of the roadmap out of lockdown


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