Dr. Mike Yeadon message from August 2021

Johnny U. sent this in with a Bitchute link, but try as I might, I couldn’t get it to play. So I copied it to 3Speak. I hope the originating site doesn’t mind.

This is a pretty solid science based explanation of why these mRNA devices should not be used until and unless they are properly tested at least as much as they would even with a new drug or vaccine with a conventional technology, let alone a brand new technology altogether.

He also makes lite of the term, “Operation Warp Speed” pointing out that Warp speed is a star trek term, it doesn’t exist, and really what it meant was skipping steps to approval that should not have been skipped and creating the illusion that the process for drug approval had been speeded up.

As much as I like Donald Trump for president and all things being as they are, will support him should he run again, I do think that was a mistake. Even though he likely was pressured into it. You cannot produce a 3 or 5 year safety report in a few months by skipping the step that makes one.

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  1. For what it’s worth: Clif High’s Predictive Linguistics
    Greg Hunter interviews:

    Wooplosion – warning adult language.
    clif_high – August 5, 2021

    Cliff explains the original plan: 2020 – 2025 we would be in lockdown while the vax was being developed. They already had the vax in 2019…
    Trump & the vaccine beginning @ 10:39 …
    Trump saved aprox. 470 million lives @38:10…

    clif_high is on twitter.

    “The only herd immunity we need is, immunity from what we heard.”
    – unknown

  2. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/holder-encourages-democrats-to-protest-in-the-streets-get-arrested-for-voting-rights

    Correct me if I’m wrong but is Mister Holder not advising people to break the law when they protest against the voting bill? Just protesting is not illegal so when he says “get arrested” is he not urging people to break the law above and beyond legal “protesting”?

    Somebody, please tell me why Mr. Holder is not under arrest and charged with advising people to break the law, because that is exactly what he is doing. Holder is literally telling leftists to break heads, throw rocks, and light fires in order to get what they want and that is not democratic, it is violent and it’s illegal. Trump did not say “get arrested” when he called on people to go to the White House on the 6th…

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