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28 Replies to “New interview with former Pfizer VP, Dr. Michael Yeadon: “We are standing at the very gates of Hell””

    • He provides a lot of info by covering a lot of ground. The Covid app download is interesting in that well-intentioned, although stupid, people are headed into an inescapable enslavement trap without their knowledge. A very good video, indeed.

    • So very thankful for the wisdom and caution he is so bravely willing to share with us.
      God continue to bless & protect!

  1. The more often he feels without acting, the less he will be able ever to act, and, in the long run, the less he will be able to feel,
    Your affectionate uncle
    – C.S. Lewis – The Screwtape Letters No.13

    Bypassing The MSM – Be a pamphleteer 😉

    TheOpenProject – Published on May 2nd, 2021


    36:46 “no sensible interpretation other than a serious attempt to mass depopulation”

    46:06 “I am absolutely terrified that the combination of vaccine passport and top-up vaccines is going to lead to mass depopulation, deliberate execution potentially of billions of people”

    The first scientist to talk about it, I guess.

  3. If he has findings or speculation, let him publish them in a journal that requires he disclose financial ties and conflicts of interest. sounds like he left Pfizer to work for a competitor and that his expertise is narrowly focused on developing asthma inhaler mediums. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20111007005082/en/Pulmatrix-Appoints-Respiratory-and-Allergy-Expert-Michael-Yeadon-PhD-to-Scientific-Advisory-Board

    October 31st, 2011 https://www.firstwordpharma.com/node/921732 Mike Yeadon, PhD, former Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of the Allergy and Respiratory Unit of Pfizer and member of Pulmatrix’s Scientific Advisory Board, said: “For decades, just three basic methods existed for creating inhalable drugs: nebulized solutions, lactose-based dry powders and metered-dose inhalers. Like many in respiratory R&D, I thought that was all there could be. But iSPERSE’s small,

    • It would be more interesting to find someone who does not discredit himself. Coming out as an expert–when one is clearly not–smacks of hubris. It is not uncommon, though… I used to attend a university seminar with an old-timer who had won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and he enjoyed making pronouncements on artificial intelligence despite his less-than-meager knowledge of the subject.

    • The point is they are working tirelessly toward mass-injections of an experimental ‘serum’ that will require numerous booster shots and all this without having any clue as to mid-term consequences or complications on the population. I see nothing good coming out of this. This is a common sense issue.

    • Shill! You people are sick. How the governments, the media, the WEF, etc. is acting proves this is all being done for other purposes.

  4. According to the propaganda broadcasts in the US, no more than 30% of the American population has submitted to the mRNA injections. That would suggest to me that most Americans already agree with Dr. Yeadon, at least on general principle. We don’t know if the injections could lead to cancer or some other serious problems. It seems better to wait and see what happens to the people who DO submit to experimentation.

    • Those who have submitted through fear of catching the virus, those who weighed up the science and the risk, and those who submitted through fear of catching the vaccine: I hope all will share their experiences.

      For me, second Pfizer in March 2021.
      Three colleagues aged 40 – 50 dead, from Wuhan-Covid19
      One family member would be dead if not having had oxygen and treatment for pneumonia.

      Not in agreement for lockdowns because of freedom of choice. I like how Darwinsm helps a Nation. Ergo, no compulsory seat belt laws. And no Nationalized Health Care – it only works efficiently if there are no patients.

      There was no cry or clapping in the street for pharmaceutical companies working 24/7 while hospital wards were closed. Only resentment.

      • I weighed up the science and the risk for myself, as best as I could understand it, not being a doctor, biologist, etc. I was scared at times, but listened to the science as it was coming out. I always felt masks were stupid to wear outside, but in Boston it was mandatory. And I definitely felt I wanted to wear one when in the supermarket. When I decided to get the shot, I knew I wanted the Pfizer one … I just felt good about that one for some reason, and waited until I knew I could get it. I know people that have died and who have been very sick from Covid, and they’re not all 80 year olds. But most people do survive. My brother still doesn’t have much of a sense of smell, and he got it last April. I look at this shot as one more layer (however thick or thin) of protection again something that I believe was man-made, accident or on purpose. All kinds of “conspiracy theories” that have a ring of truth to them. Governments using this as a weapon against the people for power, instilling fear and virtue-signaling. Fetish-izing the Mask. But we are all adults here and can decide for ourselves how best to walk this earth with the time we have, blaming no one for our choices. I have friends that are not going to get this shot for various reasons, and others who want their young child to receive it when it is permitted. I am grateful for the science and technology that permitted the development of such a shot, and I am also grateful for the freedoms I have in this country and do my part to safeguard them. I have to admit, I personally do feel a little safer with my choice to get the vax, but down the line, who knows. I could grow a third breast or something … 🙂

        • That’s great! My whole family except me has taken the shot as well and as far as I know, they are all fine.

          I also know that VP of Pfizer not withstanding, the incidence of tragedy from the mRNA shots are extremely small by comparison of number of shots administered, but very large when compared to say, the flu shot.

          I mostly post things that look fair and reasonable or from major sources, that the MSM is suppressing. Because I cannot stand state censorship, and as you said so well, we all have the right to decide how we will manage these things for ourselves. but we need all the info out there to do that.

          As Tucker said the other night, when one feels or is coerced, one is also more reluctant.

          But my personal feeling was stated best by that Texas cardiologist, I think his name is Peter MacCullough. (Sp)

          He said that there was something wrong with a strategy the focused on lockdowns and a vaccine that didn’t evgen exist yet while any attempt at treatment was supressed.

          This is why there should be Nuremberg trials. Effective safe cheap treatments meant there could have been herd immunity, like Texas has now, months and months ago with no lock downs and 85% fewer deaths.

          Even today, the people i know who get Covid are sent home with nothing.

          This is what stinks and makes me vaccine hesitant.

  5. What, no one is talking about T-cell immunity? Where have you been, Dr. Yeadon? Please see article below, dated July 2020, about the T-cell immune response of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine: https://www.fiercebiotech.com/biotech/pfizer-reports-strong-t-cell-response-to-covid-19-vaccine

    How about those Covid related deaths in India, Dr. Yeadon, just a minor Flu like disease, eh? All those funeral pyres are just an illusion?
    Also talking about fear mongering, how about your own fear mongering about the Covid Passport?
    You make a lot of claims and ask us to trust you. Please publish a paper, with references and citations, so people can judge for themselves the validity of your claims.

    • I think when he says no one is talking about T-cell immunity, he is referring to the mainstream narrative surrounding this. Which has to make you wonder – why not? Given that it’s a good news story. But then if it was too well known that the vaccine conferred T-cell immunity, there might not be a multi-billion dollar market for the annual boosters to protect us from the ‘variants of concern’.

      As for deaths in India? Yes, all deaths are tragic. But in a population of 1.3 billion with an annual death rate of over 7.3 per thousand, the country is experiencing over 10 million deaths per year. Yes 10 million deaths per year. Good fodder for fear mongering mainstream news – show a few ICU pictures and talk about how many are dying. Like Italy a year ago. That’ll keep the fear response high. Line up for those vaccines!!! People are dying in India you know!

  6. Google-backed RAND report recommends infiltrating & subverting online conspiracy groups from within

    ‘Conspiracists’ distrust authority, but will they accept authoritative messaging if it’s filtered through someone else? perspective

    Google’s Jigsaw unit sponsors a RAND report that recommends infiltrating and subverting online conspiracy groups from within while planting authoritative messaging wherever possible.

    With a focus on online chatter relating to alien visitations, COVID-19 origins, white genocide, and anti-vaccination, the Google-sponsored RAND report published last week shows how machine learning can help detect and understand the language used by “conspiracy theorists.”

    While the 108-page report can be highly technical in describing machine learning approaches for identifying and making sense of conspiracy language online, here we’re not going to focus on any of that.

    Instead, we will zoom-in on the report’s “Policy Recommendations for Mitigating the Spread of and Harm from Conspiracy Theories” section and attempt to see how they might be received in the real world.

    Diving into the report’s policy recommendations, they all have one thing in common — they all seek to plant authoritative messaging wherever possible while making it seem more organic, or to make the messaging more relatable to the intended audience at the very least.

    […]The report suggests that conspiracy theorists won’t listen to conventional authority, but they’ll listen to leaders in their groups, so the plan is to target potential influencers in online conspiracy groups who are somewhat on the fence and could tow the conventional authority line.

    For example, the report recommends infiltrating and subverting online conspiracy chatter by singling out the more “moderate members” of the group who could become social media influencers in their own rite.

    […]“Instead of confrontation,” the report reads, “it might be more effective to engage transparently with conspiracists and express sensitivity. Public health communicators recommend engagements that communicate in an open and evidence-informed way—creating safe spaces to encourage dialogue, fostering community partnerships, and countering misinformation with care.”

    In any case, all efforts at “mitigating the spread and harm from online conspiracy theories” are aimed at directing users to accept the very sources they trust the least — conventional authority.

    more :


  7. @Larry Dahlgren
    Info on T-cell immunity re Covid can be easily found, both in mainstream media, as well as medical journals – see below for a few examples.







    As for the tragedy unfolding in India, the Covid surge is creating a deluge of *excess* deaths over and above the normal death rate, straining not only the health system to the point of collapse, with all of the attendant collateral damage, but also overburdening crematoriums and cemeteries. In my view, what really is not receiving attention is the long term health effects experienced by the huge number of Covid survivors. That bill to Society is yet to be paid.

  8. Some simple points

    1) If you have the Vaccine you can still get a mild form of COVIT. Deemed OK.

    2) You can still pass it on but as only mild / moderate not enough to potentially be very sick and infectious.

    3) Noting point 2 isn’t that the same for majority under 40? Kids are pretty much safe and not deemed a large infection risk? If that is the case why would anybody want to give them a Emergency Vaccine, it isn’t an emergency for them.

    4) Many scientists speculated that some tried and tested drugs that were safely in the public domain already may help. Invermectin as example. It was made illegal as they said there was no proof of would help. On Hydroxycholroquine they positioned rare risk of side effects being a consideration. So on one hand they ban long term legal drugs as having rare risk of side effect and not enough long term proof, while authorising a short term non long term tested group of drugs on a not 100% understood virus let alone it’s vaccine. How do you ban potentially helpful long term FDA approved and tested drugs based on their “potential risk” while wanting to Vaccinate a group of candidates (under 30) that are deemed virtually no risk of fatality (remember the continued to say youth are very low if at all risk of spread due to symptomless infection and little if no viral load).

    In Australia the lockdown process has varied. NSW are working with quarantine if sick and infectious. Local lockdown eg close contacts. It is now the case that numerous breakouts have been halted without large scale lockdowns. It is also argued in Australia NSW takes in the vast majority of return infected travellers and we don’t do full lockdown. Other states still do full lockdown on 1 case.. So even in a small country the outcome is the same with different approach to lockdowns.

  9. Sorry on more thing can Phizer or Astral Zena Warrior or Moderna … all 100% state that they know that in 15 years time there may not be long term risks for xx% – If your 70 and there’s a small risk of unknown side effected in 15 years so be it. If your 18, COVID fatality risk is lower than flu, and at 33 you had a risk of Xx side effect, why wouldn’t they at least say 18-30 wait. You will have low risk if transmission low risk of viral impact on young healthy immune. Why isn’t the message no need for under 30 to stop anything at all. Go about life!

    • A quick look at the Hong Kong flu of 1967 and 1968 when they actually held the biggest rock concert of all time, Woodstock, shows us that all these measures are bullshit.

  10. Hi,

    I have a suggestion that you as an influencer that has contact with many people and experts on our side when it comes to “Covid”, you should stick with one constant simple message to government and media…” We want constant public debates on the science of Covid by experts from both sides of the arguments”…

    This is the only way from my years of experience as an American Indian fighting the sytem in courts and protests…

    only solution in the physical world is this to prove them wrong…each side is preaching to their side…non effective.

    If you want to contact me to discuss more about why I come to this conclusion, please don’t hesitate.

    Best Regards,


    • I agree. Our message is in fact very similar to yours, plus a libertarian idea that the state shouldn’t have this much power even if its true. Will contact.

  11. Dr. Yeadon, I am deeply appreciative of your courageous and intelligent comments. However, as a practitioner, I am flummoxed by your statement towards the end that 90% of people recover w/ no problems (pls forgive me if a misquote (?) as I am 2 yrs out of a TBI…ugh hate brain injuries…LOL) … b/c my personal exp is that as much as 40-50% of people in my “Universe” w/ severe COViD and some w/ even mild to moderate have what I have come to call
    “Long hauler’s CV”, which IME is very similar to ME/CFS … which you no doubt know is devastating????

    Can you pls help me Sir w/ an opinion? I deeply admire your intellect, training and opinion…:-)

    Laurie Grace

  12. Dr Yeadon, thank you for your videos and intelligent comments. I appreciate your work and watch your recordings, which are very interesting. I trust you, please stay with us all.

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